Going forward, with out 50% forward, 50% back…

50% toward our desires – then 50% away, is this your experience?
Why does this happen? Confusion and disorder of the only three things we can do is the cause.
The three things we can do are: We can THINK, we can FEEL and we can ACT.

Many of us are programmed with disorder, chaos and beliefs that are NOT factually true…
However, what we belief MUST be real in our experience. As it has been said, whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are correct.

There can be no enduring success, growth or moving forward in life without order; order of thought, emotion and action.

Thought CHOSEN by means of GOAL written down and reread daily.
Feelings chosen, with intention – with FOCUS. What we focus on GROWS, EXPANDS.
Focusing on HOW we want to feel, and clarifying the thoughts that will help us feel that way we want to is a great start.

Acting, taking action on our goals. It’s by acting on our dreams, our goals, that we release more of the unlimited energy we have inside our bodies, which are a mass of energy, and this allows us to take more action.
A popular coaching tool I have been exposed to is: Potential – Action – Result – belief.

The greatest potential we have lies within our sub-conscious mind. We program our sub-conscious mind through the use of our conscious/reasoning mind – and that is the ability to think, to imagine – to create images in our mind of how we want our lives to be.

When we hold these images in our mind and add empowering emotions to them, such as excitement, love, faith or any of the other mind stimuli as mentioned by Napoleon Hill’s amazing book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (preferably one of the eight empowering rather than the two disempowering minds stimuli) we ‘colour’ thought and give that thought over to our sub-conscious mind which is a habitual mind.

Our sub-conscious mind is the part of us that controls our body for 95% of the things we do, the thoughts we think and the actions we take every day.

Like a computer, we are programmed to live the way we are living, to think the thoughts we think, feel the way we feel and act the way we act.

We are programmed physically through genetics and much more so by our environment. In order to experience more joy and freedom physically, we already know what we need: WHOLE natural FOODS. This means eating mainly vegetables, seeds, legumes, fruits, healthy plant based fats. We know we need good quality sufficient sleep, exercise regularly (I find daily is best for me), and people around us who support our goals are positive.

Mentally we are programmed, through years of conditioning at school, from our parents, society, churches, clubs, our jobs and especially from people who are in a position of power in our lives – anyone older than us, before we reach the age of reason – that is to say, our formative years (most experts agree this age is around 0- 5 or 7 years of age).

The biggest conditioning tool we have of course as we grow older is our beloved television, now IPADS, phones, social media. We become what we think about, if we are watching too much negative televisions such as the ‘news’, violence filled shows, it affects us, much more than we realise.

Emotionally we are programmed by the above too. We literally become addicted (feel safe) to feeling the emotions, which have been our most dominant ones in our lives.

If it is fear, guilt, sadness, we look for TV shows, situations and interpret events in ways that cause us to feel these emotions. They are low vibrational (bad/unpleasant feeling emotions), but as Les Brown says, ‘most of us prefer known hells, to unknown heavens’. Most of us have tuned out to our dominant feelings, and are perilously unaware of how we feel most of the days.

In thought, feeling and actions LIKE attracts LIKE. Indeed, we can only have experiences for the most part, in line with our dominant vibrational state (level of consciousness). Low vibrational feelings such as fear and sadness, cause all the circumstances that reinforce these feelings – poverty, bad/loveless relationships, ill-health, jobs that drain our spiritual energy and so on.

On low vibrational realities we convince ourselves we are happy in jobs in which we are miserable. If you fear Monday morning and must ‘Thank God it’s Friday” every week, you too are in the river of De-Nile as I was for a long time.

We are often sitting at a desk for hours, slowly dying, using all our energy to try to engage in something we have no interest in. Our food also programs us to a lower vibration. We are addicted to what we have eaten most. We are addicted to thoughts of a nature of those which we have thought the most – whether they are helpful or not matters not to our sub-conscious. Whatever has gone into it through repetition will manifest through our body in the way of ‘feelings’, which will determine our actions and therefore, is responsible for producing our results.

Emotion SPEEDS up the vibration of thought (when it is empowering) or makes it back track (if it is disempowering) – and thought is the all-powerful seed to every creation we make in our lives. We are creating every second of every day, make no mistake about it. However we are usually creating what we DON’T want by default as we have no GOALS and DEFINITE plan on what we want to create. We MUST hold our goals in our minds as often as possible.

Thoughts of “I CAN DO THIS”, I believe in myself and so forth when mixed with the emotion of faith/belief (which is created by repetition) are much more powerful than mere words.
Being a 3 dimensional being, a spiritual creature, who has a mind (intellect) and who lives in a physical body, we must embrace the only three things we can do.

We can think – thought is the beginning of all things. Thought is an idea, negative or positive.
Repetition of any thought becomes fixed in our sub-conscious mind (our emotions live here).
Our emotions cause us to ACT – or avoid acting – which causes our results.
50 percent towards, 50 percent away from our desires.

One step back, one step forward, and often one and a half steps back. This is not the natural way to progress, though many of us, especially, me have believed this to be the way life is….
This is the unnatural digression >90% of us take…

The natural state of the human being is to grow, we have infinite potential. Children and nature, our greatest teachers and both the former and the latter do this instinctively, freely, that is until we are programmed to do otherwise in our environment! A tree grows to as large and wide as it possibly can.

Humans greatest growth is in mind, which allows the body to grow in strength and fitness too.
Yet we stop growing mentally at a very young age, as early adults and often conform to a job, which is repetitive and not stimulating growth.

How can you tell if you are growing in your career (which takes up 33% or more of our hours in life)?
Simply this, are you bored, are you ‘comfortable’, do you KNOW it back to front? If yes, you are not growing.
A child learns an entire language by the time they are 5-7 years of age, JUST BY OBSERVING US with their five physical senses, sight, hearing, especially in this instance, and having a go. They do so without the need of schooling!!

They are multi-lingual if they grow up in a home that speaks multiple languages!! We become a product of our environment, there is no doubt about this.

As Zig Ziglar has said, “we are what we are, we are where we are, because of what has gone into our minds”.
We are programmed/conditioned by the food we eat and the stimuli that comes to us through our five senses, sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Any thought we hold in our minds repeatedly and emotionalise, becomes fixed in our sub-conscious/conditioned/subjective mind.

The sub-conscious mind is where the magic, or indeed, the misery in our lives occurs.
The sub-conscious is responsible for our body healing itself, for eliminating waste and processing fuel (be it bad or good) that we take in, using oxygen to power us, and thousands of other habits we have taught it. These habits range from getting dressed, driving, playing sport (they are automatic after enough repetition).

As children, when we learn to dress ourselves, often our pants end up on our head, and we get jammed. Now as adults we don’t need to think about HOW to dress ourselves, we simply decided WHAT we will wear and put it on with on real conscious effort being needed/applied.

This is a double edged sword. Thought which flows freely to us all the time, is channelled into what we want (if we have goals, know where we are heading, have clarity and set our intention) or what we don’t want by default we do not do the aforementioned.

When we learn to drive, we have to focus entirely on what we are doing, it is foreign, until we have logged enough hours for driving to become automatic! We emotionalise the thought of driving with the emotion of FAITH.

First we think of what we must do, then we get a feeling, excitement about driving and focus on the desired outcome (happiness at being about to drive) and then through repetition, we act on those thoughts and feelings until our body LEARNS how to drive.
Knowing how to drive is a RESULT. Knowing HOW to dress ourselves is a result. Once programmed into the subconscious mind, we don’t need to think about doing these things anymore.

In our adulthood, we are without doubt, running thousands of programs just like, ‘how to drive’, ‘how to get dressed’, ‘how to shower’, in addition to programs of ‘who we are’, ‘how successful we are’, ‘what we are like in an intimate relationship’ ‘how fit and healthy we are’, ‘how much willpower we have to choose long term success, delaying short term gratification in favour of long term fulfilment’.

Each of these things, including many or our ‘values’, and all our beliefs are conditioned into our minds, and therefore our bodies (the subconscious mind) by our ENVIRONMENT.

Our parents, schools, churches, clubs, society, people who were older and therefore in a position of powerful (any family or friends, associates) – all of these people INFLUENCED and FORMED how we see ourselves and what is possible. Sayings like “money doesn’t grow on trees” (even though in America, the richest country in the world, it certainly does grown on trees, it’s paper) – sayings like this build our beliefs around money.

They may seem insignificant, but what the saying really is implying is that ‘money is hard to come by, it is RARE, and to get any someone else has to lose’. What we believe about money is another sub-conscious program. How much we are able to earn is programmed into us, and our results are the indicator of what is in our sub-conscious mind.
The law of compensation as taught by the legendary dean of Self-Development ‘Earl Nightingale’ states:
Our compensation (financial rewards) will be equal to three things:

  1. The need for what we do (demand)
  2. Our ability to do it
  3. The difficulty there is in replacing us (in our field of work/service), the better we provide our service, the more specialised our knowledge (gained from consistent daily study in our field), the harder we are to replace

Thus, we simply need become more educated, productive and increase our ability to SERVE, to be useful and our income WILL increase. AS we give more of ourselves, we receive more. They are one and the same, giving and receiving, merely the opposite side of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other; therefore when we give we automatically have completed part of the two part process of give and receive. We have set in motion the process of receiving by giving.

This is made certain through the law of Polarity. When we give a carrot seed to the fertile earth, give it water and remove the weeds, after 90 days, we are given food in the form of a carrot.

The problem is most people have been conditioned with an ‘entitlement’ mentality.
We think because they have worked somewhere for a certain amount of time, we should be just be paid more… but if we haven’t studied our field consistently, improved our productivity and therefore become more VALUABLE to our organisation or profession, why would we deserve more income?

We are literally born as GENIUSES! As children we keep striving until we get the result we want, we do not understand the word FAILURE! We don’t buy into FEAR. We mumble until we can talk. We fall over again and again UNTIL we can walk.

As adults, we lose this…. So it seems, but, rather we are conditioned to live from our five physical senses, sounds, sight, touch, taste and feeling (physical). What seems to be lost is actually buried under years of conditioning and literally thousands of times hearing the word ‘NO’.

Yet the magic happens inside – not outside, so being programmed to live through our physical senses is debilitation and incongruent with living life TRULY as a free spiritual being.

As we grow older, we begin to let the outside determine what is REAL and if we do this, we lose our creative power inside! For what we focus on grows. Like the rays of the sun feeds the plants of the earth, so too do the rays of our thought, creating the reality we experience.

Our emotions when combined with thoughts create the totality of our experience.
The way to communicate directly to our subconscious mind is with constant spaced repetition of thought which has been EMOTIONALISED! The key is to have THOUGHTS of our DESIRES and EMOTIONS that are conducive with the fulfilment of that desire.

If we think of goals and have FEELING that we cannot achieve that goal, then we are using the omnipotent creative power of thought in the most dismal way possible.
Thought, the creator of all, combined with feelings that are empowering to the thought become supercharged! Thoughts with opposing feelings have the opposite effect.

Part of our creature is mammalian – the body, the feelings. Feelings are our greatest MOTIVE for action or inaction. We are three dimensional beings: we are mind, body and spirit.
MIND is the master of the body, that moulds and makes and is capable of controlling the actions of the body by influencing the FELLINGS within it. Feelings combined with thought set up the VIBRATION of what we attract, meaning what we experience. Emotions are the tool we use in our body to either motive or demotivate us from acting on our dreams.

I can demonstrate to you right now, how easily it is for us to hamper the actualisation of our desires by FEELING emotions which are opposing our thoughts.

You could say that THOUGHT is ASKING for what we want, it is DESIRE – which as Hill points out in Think and Grow Rich, is the first step to all riches.

You could also accurately say that EMOTION is being open, and READY to receive, that which you desire. Which emotions are the ones that indicate you are ready to receive? FAITH. Remember the higher up the emotional scale we are, the more POWERFUL our attraction and the more ENERGY we have.

In scientific terms, the BETTER our feelings, the more ENERGY we have and will put out into the universe. The more energy we GIVE, the more we receive.
Take for example depression (anger turned inwards). Depression is VERY low on the emotional scale. One who is depressed can scarcely motivate a beetle much less themselves or any other being to take action. They are slow, apathetic.

Now take someone whose dominant feeling is GRATITUDE, COMPASSION, INTEREST, and FACINATION with life and LOVE.
They are literally TURBO charged. They can inspire action, and followers. They attract the good life, “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”!
Thoughts we plant return thoughts of a similar nature. Emotions we feel create CHEMISTRY in our bodies that facilitate the creation of like emotions.

Think about something you really want. For me, here are my top three desires:
I. To grow as the best coach, clearing practitioner and teacher of universal laws that I can be. To help people BELIEVE in their potential as they did as children before conditioning.

II. To create beautiful music, with multiple instruments and share that with people, music that touches the hearts and draws out the human spirit – to help it release, explore and love.

III. To teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a studio in Tasmania South Australia – in a massive hall made of massive trees of WOOD, a studio which is place of wellness and healing. A building specifically designed in a forest, with fresh air, sun light and energy flowing freely into the building from each direction. The building is to be pyramid shaped in its roof. The wellness building will have, float tanks, showers with distilled water, massage, yoga, coaching, Jiu Jitsu, clearing and much more. Salt water pools and flowing water, a place to help people actualise their dreams, clear pain and fill with joy of life.

To be able to realise – that is, to make real my big three, I must CONSTANTLY hold in my mind the thoughts of these dreams, goals and desires. THOUGHT is the master that creates all. The universe is mental. The law of thought is one of the Natural Hermetic Laws.
I must be specific.

While this is true, emotion is the part which must be understood and COMBINED with the thoughts I have of these goals, these desires, these dreams!

Emotion is our driving force in the body, thought, the drive of mind and body.
When I think about my desire, the next part is to FEEL the way I would once I have achieved this.
I certainly am not perfect or even close to it yet. But I love that! I have the chance to grow every day as I have so much growth to do. It excites me beyond explanation. I am getting better because I study the laws every day on how to live from the inside out.

Let’s discuss our greatest teacher… nature. Look at a tree seedling. It is tiny, yet will continue to grow to become massive. Do you know that as people we have the same ability to become massive? Rather than grow into physical giants, we grow by increasing the power of our mental faculties. We gain strength and the ability to confront any goal or challenge that arises.

We can jump through the waterfall of exhilarations, the rush that lives on the other side of fear.
The thing we fear is the UNKNOWN. And the only place we can grow is in the unknown!
Growth is literally success.

Check out growthforsuccess.com for more posts and videos on this subject of life and success.

Thank you for reading, please share this if it has helped you in any way.

Take action to day.

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The currency of the universe is energy

The currency of the universe is energy.

Thought is energy that permeates all space and time. Feelings are powerful energy which motivate us to do both what is good and beneficial and also that which is unhelpful. Empowering emotions inspire helpful actions – causing growth, and dis-empowering/painful emotions can often do the reverse, although occasionally we can use them to increase our awareness.

The higher in quality the feeling, the more energy it has. Hopelessness is a very low-energy and its polar opposite ‘hope’ is very high-energy.

We are literally investing our energy into each thought, emotion as consequent action or inaction by means of our focus and intention (or lack of focus/intention). The better quality energy paid, the greater the compensation, the more flourishing our lives become.

On thought:

“If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”
Peace Pilgrim (M L Norman)

Thought is so powerful. It is the 1st ingredient in the 3 part recipe which makes up our Attitude.
Our attitude is comprised of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

The foundational universal (hermetic) law is ‘the law of mentalism’. Definition of the law:

“Everything in creation first exists in the mind/everything is created twice, once in the mind, then in the physical world”. Put another way, “The all (everything) is mind, the universe is mental”. Certainly a great deal of our experiences are experienced in the mind, and life is first person. Our five senses and belief system are the filters which determine how we perceive events, people, other sentient beings and inanimate objects. The sixth sense also filters our experience, the greater we have developed this – the better our intuition.

We are three dimensional beings, we are mental (mind), physical (body) and spirit (energy, that which makes up everything). Both the physical and mental are comprised of different forms of this ingredient (energy). In the physical world we call energy matter. In the realm of the mind, this energy is called thought and in the body it is emotion.

Emotion is the connection between the physical and the mental, psyche and soma, and comes from the heart. Thought and the meaning we give to our thoughts create emotion. The electromagnetic field of the heart is 100 times more powerful than that of the brain, and emotion comes from the heart, thought from the mind though both influence the other.

Energy which we can perceive with our five senses, touch, taste, smell, sound and sight are what we use to interact with the physical universe/matter.

Matter is energy which is vibrating at different speeds (frequency) of which there are infinite possibilities.
The speed of vibration at which the matter being observed determines its frequency, which of course for us is experienced through our senses. Things such as colour, taste, smell and so on.

Thoughts are also vibratory in nature – energy moving, so too are E-motions – ENERGY in motion.

Thoughts absolutely are things, just as much as physical objects! Indeed they are much more powerful!
Thoughts are however more ethereal in their makeup and therefore not given the respect that they deserve, due to our lack of understanding. Consequently when we do not regard our thoughts as the creators of our experience, we struggle. When we place the responsibility of our reality and experience on exterior circumstances or people, we give away our creative power.

Thoughts are gifts that just COME to us out of nowhere. The frequency which we are tuned into (our attitude – how we are feeling, what we are thinking, and the actions we are taking) determines that TYPES of thoughts that come to us automatically when we are NOT being conscious of our thinking. The automatic thoughts we have, or as N Hill put it, “auto-suggestion” determines our emotional trajectory and thus our actions.

The faculties of the mind are how we interpret thoughts, the 6th sense, intuition is part of that. The higher self connects thought and the physical (mind-body, thought-emotion).

The different speeds of vibration of energy allow us to have an unlimited number of experiences, that of being able to create physical objects (cars, technology), feelings in the body (experiences), thoughts in the mind.

Thought is the precursor to feelings we experience. Thoughts when combined with feelings of the same nature are the precursor to the actions or lack thereof, which we take.

Everything we do is to feel a certain way, or avoid feeling a certain way thus the importance of becoming emotionally involved with our thoughts cannot be overstated.

Emotional involvement with our mind SUPERCHARGES the thought and is the only way to empower thought to the point in which we will take action, and also gives the BODY the energy to do so.

It is also important to note that many of us are carry vast amounts of unprocessed emotions. These are often limiting in the nature, when they are feelings of fear, sadness, guilt, shame – and depression (anger turned inwards, anger which has not been honoured nor given expression allowing release).

When we are carrying unprocessed emotions (which are of a painful nature), it is much harder to use thought in the way it is was intended to be used – to create, and successfully and EASILY tune into our desired reality/experience on each of the three plains on which we exist – the reality which we want to experience, what we call our – lives.

Certain frequencies only allow energy of their own kind endure. Joyous thoughts, feelings and actions perpetuate more of their own kind, easily, naturally. Sad thoughts attract sad emotions, and actions which cause more sadness.

This is not to say when you are sad, ignore it. Indeed it is in the ignoring of painful emotions, which causes us to hold onto them and indeed – BECOME them – or so it feels.

Emotions exist for a reason. They are literally sign posts that tell us the nature of the thoughts we are having subconsciously when we are focused on other tasks, not observing our mind and self-talk. It is impossible to observe every thought we have – and therefore it is much more effective to pay attention to emotions, how we feel.

We can then decide if how we feel is what we want – and if not, when we are being present and aware of our thoughts (by observation, not judging them) we are able to redirect them to more empowering, and helpful thoughts.
Enthusiasm and hopeful thoughts put us on a higher level of vibration which brings more of the same thoughts, emotions/feelings, and actions into our reality.

Emotion is made of the same thing as what we can perceive on the physical plain as matter (energy) – but is a different type of energy. Like thoughts, emotions are very real and must be honoured. They too, like thoughts create much of the results in our lives. Thoughts + feelings + action = results.

Emotions, being energy cannot be created nor destroyed, they can be processed (expressed and allowed to move on) or stored in the body. You wouldn’t store rubbish in your house, it goes in the trash, so why store emotions that are harmful in our bodies?

Limiting stored emotions create a reality that hampers our productivity and happiness.
As human beings, we are literally channels. We are capable of channelling different types of energy, thoughts, and feelings and are capable of taking action.
In order to take action……….

We must channel thoughts of the nature that are in line with the OUTCOME we desire, focus on the EMOTION we want to feel as a result of that action, and the act. If we want to go to the gym, we must first think the thought of going there or nothing will happen.

We must emotionalise the thought, with an EMPOWERING emotion, and then act.

Our bodies won’t transform without thought. Action will not happen without emotion, especially enduring action..
We must feel the feeling of how great we will feel if we go, once we finish our workout – and not focus on the one of the likely challenge of going – or we will remain stationary and not act.
We combine emotion with the thought (or remain inactive).

In the individual who has not cleared past hurts, significant amounts of stored emotion are ‘triggered’ by any of the same type of emotion of that which is stored. So someone who experiences a lot of sadness as a child, and wasn’t given a safe space to process that, anytime they see something sad – they will break down.

They feel the sadness that is within them, waiting to be released. Similarly if you were angry a lot, (not being able to control something but wanting to) and didn’t process that, anything that would cause a person who has a healthy anger will cause you to explode. The cat meowing, a driver tailgating you….
No one truly is that offended by such basic and trivial matters – it is triggering that is happening here.

It is also very common to be ‘addicted’ to emotions we have experienced – the reactive/survival part of the mind tries to protect us. It belives experiences we are familiar with are ‘safe’, it doesn’t matter if they are painful – they are know. As Les Brown says, “many of us prefer know hells, to unknown heavens”.

This is why I advocate for growth and call my blog growthforsuccess.com

Growth is the only know way to push us, to stretches our comfort zone – it increases what is possible for us. Past pain can also much more easily be released from higher levels of consciousness – and growth helps us to raise our awareness.

Raising our awareness is the process of shining a light on the unconscious, making in conscious. This process is called growth.

Triggers are very useful when deciding where to aim the power of our focus and intention, when we understand that they are guiding us to that which needs attention.

Everything still begins with a thought, an idea. Thought to change is required to clear the past hurts, short-comings and feelings that we are not enough in who we are, which many of us feel – when we are not living our lives with purpose – zest and growing.

We must have the thought of, ‘I want to heal and release emotion which is holding me back, I want to grow past perpetuating self-sabotage. I want to release the fear of failure, and certainly the more common, and debilitating fear of success (who are we to shine?). We are people, worthy of shining, and it is through doing so that we help others see it is possible for them, and give them permission to do so.

LIKE attracts LIKE

There is an indescribable benefit of understanding that in the realm of energy, like attracts like and works much the same as a dial does when tuning into the desired radio station you want.
There was a popular movie on this subject called ‘The Secret’ which focused on the law of attraction. It was correct in many ways, thoughts attract like thoughts. Building on that, the law of attraction is a secondary law, and operates on the law of vibration.

The law of vibration states that everything in the universe vibrates, nothing stays still. Even inanimate objects are vibration, just at a much slower speed which we cannot perceive with our five physical senses. A sixth sense, intuition, understanding is required to grasp the concept of vibration.

We literally TUNE into the reality we are living. We tune into fear, or love. We tune into poverty or wealth in all its forms and we tune into HEALTH or DIS-EASE.
The dial which we use to tune – is our attitude – Thoughts – feelings – actions.
All energy vibrates. Thoughts of a certain nature have a vibratory value. Positive, empowering thoughts such as inspiration, love, interest, enthusiasm, hope, belief and compassion vibrate at much higher speeds than the less empowering feelings that exist.

The former are on a much higher frequency and attract more of their kind, very effectively. The law of sowing and reaping applies here too. It has been said that ‘Misery loves company’. Correctly said, ‘misery attracts misery’. ‘Joy also loves company; however it attracts the companionship of others who will accept nothing but a life, predominantly filled with joy’.
The thoughts you GIVE attention to will expand. Remember, the currency of the universe is energy.
What you give away – what you give to the universe in thought, feeling and action WILL be returned to you.
Higher speeds of vibration release more energy – considerably more – EXPONENTIALLY more!!

How much energy does a person whose attitude is apathetic or hopeless have? Not much at all. How much energy does someone who is doing what they LOVE with their loves, performing at the top of their game, in something they have boundless passion for?

A professional sports person, dancer, artist, and musician? The energy they have literally attracts hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of followers – and ENERGISES them!

Focus is energy and therefore is currency. The more intention and sustenance we give to our focus, the more VALUABLE it is – it begins to gain momentum – it endures. We are literally propelled by our intention – the ‘WHY’ behind our thoughts, feelings and actions.

What the ‘The Secret’ didn’t emphases as much is that thoughts are one piece the puzzle. Emotion and action must also be in vibrational alignment to attract, realise, and bring into our lives that which we want.

If you think about building wealth but you ‘feel’ that you never have enough money, of feel money is evil (rather than understanding it is neutral, people either act evil or good); you will act in ways which perpetuate poverty.
Your thoughts alone, while they are the seeds of creation, will diminish in power if they are not watered with the nutrient of wealth creating emotions and then, actions.

It’s not possible to hold an empowering thought for any significant duration as to bring about the realising of it without ALSO raising your emotional state to the same level of the thought. Repetition of a thought will help with this – and persistence is the key for repetition.

Putting pen to paper – in the form of writing specific goals is the key for persistence. Desire is where it all begins. We have a thought, we desire something. Depending on that desire, if it is a MUST or if it is a ‘that would be nice’ will depend on our persistence.

We must also know why we want our goal. Remember the first question a child asks is ‘why’? Mosyt of us as adults have been conditioned in such a way that we just listen…. We obey without questioning, why?
When EMOTION and THOUGHT are combined in harmony (that is to say, they are synonymous, congruent) INSPIRED ACTION is the natural result.

You cannot think about being interested in any subject of empowerment if your dominant feeling is hopelessness (you have a great deal of emotional pain stored in your body).

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“If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”
Peace Pilgrim (M L Norman)

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Leave your comments and thoughts. Let me know how I can address any part of this you would like to know more about, and as always, thank you so much for reading!

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RELEASE emotion – first ever video from GFS

Greetings everyone.

Here is the first ever video for growthforsuccess.com

It covers going over emotion. I will be writing a transcript for this and save it in a PDF form so you can down load the text in the near future.


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What causes our REALITY – this MAY question how you see life

We can choose which of these two polarities we want to experience, life as a magnificent adventure, a journey of ever expanding consciousness or through ignorance, we can choose a life of ever decreasing life force, apathy and as Les Brown says, ‘quite desperation’. It is US that can choose what we will experience.

How do our minds work? What decides the quality of life we experience. Really it is each of us that decides, our experience of this life, albeit often we do so unconsciously.

If we desire great health, a fit strong body, but are addicted to ‘to quote a book title; ‘white death’ (sugar), drama and labeling experience and object we encounter how indeed, do we take the former of the two choices, as our road to travel in life?

If we want to experience higher plains of existence (love, joy, freedom), those realities of whose frequencies are uplifting, we must raise our vibration.

It is not simply by using our will power that we improve our life experience. Yes we can increase the power of our will, that however we can focus on as secondary. Firstly, we must look at our energy in the body.

To quote half of the ‘one does not simply’ quote from the popular Boromir, Lord of the Rings Meme, ‘One does not simply’….. use the thinking mind in its weakened, conditioned and suffering STATE to OVERCOME the many addictions, vices, unconscious destructive and insane, low conscious habits that are keeping us in an endless cycle of pain and unconsciousness.

It is perhaps helpful to acknowledge that often the low-vibration facilitating habits (alcoholism, sex addition, ‘food’ misuses, negative thinking) are not only socially acceptable but that they are celebrated, encourage! Indeed as I increase my life energy and awareness I have been shunned for ditching vices that where hurting me by people who still identify with their pain. I still have unprocessed pain, and put a lot of focus on healing and releasing pain, letting go.

Our BODY not our thinking mind CHOOSES what we do, say, think, eat. This choice is made by the trillions of cells that make up our bodies. They choose foods that are in harmonious vibration with the foods whose ENERGY was used to create them but also with emotions stored inside each cell.

Lots of unprocessed emotional pain (identified by observing your ‘triggers’) + your thoughts, outlook on life, and what you put into your body and mind, and other factors are what determine the rate of vibration in which your body is moving. The movement speed of all the cells in our bodies play the biggest role in making the decision FOR US of what we will eat, think, say, believe about ourselves and everything else we do in life.

It is not as simple as using thought and logic to overcome our bodies current rate of vibration.

This CAN be done but it is rather in-effective. How many times have you tried to use thought to change something you needed and dearly wanted to change, only to ‘fail’ and feel a bit disappointed that repeated attempts you make to grow out of painful habits don’t seem to make much progress??

The rate of vibration of our bodies (level of consciousness we are tuned into) determines our experience in life.

The frequency of reality into which we are tuned is actually what our five senses perceive as life. We must use our HIGHER selves, our sixth sense that which brings intuition, and wisdom to the fray.
As a society, we subjectively understand life to be what we are EXPERIENCING, thinking and feeling.

This causes us certain BELIEFS. We believe life is a certain way. These are simply an illusion, a reflection of the level of awareness into which we have tuned, based on past experience, conditioning, ongoing habits, the quality of the flow of energy in our bodies and who and what we expose our minds and bodies too.

This impacts each given area of life.

So if our experience has everything to do with our level of consciousness, as Jim Rohn said, ‘it’s not what happens to us, it’s what we do about what happens that makes all the difference’.

It is absolutely true that we can at any time INCREASE the quality of our vibration (the rate in which the cells in our body are moving) much like changing a dial on a radio to tune into different stations (frequencies).

When we are NOT observing our conscious/thinking mind (any time we are ‘busy’ with something, not in silence with ourselves) the frequency of the vibration of our bodies energy field is VASTLY the most influential part in determining what we are attracting into our lives.

The law of vibration is the parent law to the law of attraction. The rate of vibration we are in can be observed by bringing awareness into our bodies at any given time and sensing how we FEEL, and in which part of the body we feel it.

As a massage therapist I have learned some amazing things about the body and stored emotion. Just a stomach massage can make people cry from the emotion that is being released. Where do you hold sadness? I did in my throat and stomach. Many people do.

Our thoughts must be monitored when ever we get a moment to check in with them (we must make such moments). That said, what drive us is – E-Motion (energy in motion in our bodies. It is much easier to observe the emotion we feel than it is to try and monitoring every thought you have.

If you can pick how you feel, you can work out what vibration you are in. Each time you increase your feeling for a more useful one that serves you, apathy to gratitude might be a big jump but it’s great to aim for over the long term.

The ‘types of thoughts and emotions’ you are open to receive by means of attracting them depend on your level on consciousness which really means, the higher energy frequency your body and thoughts have, the more of those you will attract, and the same goes for the worse you feel, the more bad feelings you are set up to receive.

So the question is then, what can we do to RAISE our vibration, increase the quality of our experience, increase health and relationships?

Here are some factors, among possible others that inhibit a high, life enhancing vibration:

First: Unprocessed pain, emotions store in the body (movement, yoga, singing help to release trapped emotions)

Second: The vibration of the food we eat – too much dead/processed food = low vibration and thus painful emotions, thoughts and results. Go for more alive foods (fruit, vegies) which have higher vibrations as they are living

Third: The unobserved thinking mind, feeding it too much garbage TV and not enough life and mind enhancing things

We may be successful in sport, relationships, business, but what matters in addition to these things is our PEACE of mind – which goes up the higher our vibration.

A take away would be this: Always be aware that you have and amazing opportunity to experience what ever you want to in your own personal show called life.
This life we all have is akin to a radio station, we can create the lives we want by raising that energy field in the body. It helps us have helpful instead of harmful thoughts. Our FILTER is greatly influence by our vibration.

Being in NATURE in silence is a great healer and raises the vibration very much.

Remember the subconscious mind (the entire body) will automatically do 90% of the same things you did yesterday, think the type of thoughts you had, feel the emotions you felt.

Thanks for reading. I would love your perspective. Subscribe for more blogs which will help expand your reality and teach principles and teachniques, schools of thought and more on enjoying the process of life.

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Growth, Gratitude and remaining Calm


The purpose of life is to grow, to expand and to experience all we can. We grow physically from the day we are born. We begin in a very vulnerable state, as infants we are not capable of feeding or caring for ourselves; our survival is totally reliant on our parents/caregivers/society.

Then we become toddlers and we wish to explore. EVERYTHING! Indeed, for the first years of our lives, it’s our caregivers duty to prevent us having an early death – just because we are so curious and want to learn, to touch, smell, see, hear, feel, discover new things – and we have no perception of danger, and very little fear. The only two natural fears we are born with are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

Have you ever wanted to try something new, but been to uncertain?

When you where a child you weren’t, but then social conditioning happened.

I will be covering more in how to de-condition your mind, body and release your inner child’s spirit into the world again (currently for most of us, it’s locked away in your mind and body from years of toxic food, and painful unprocessed emotions).



Living a ‘good life’ starts with Gratitude! We start with gratitude and slowly but surely move to love.

This is where to begin increasing your vibration!! It is so powerful. How do you feel when you are appreciating something beautiful, what you have, nature, your family, your life?

Pretty amazing! Conversely how do you feel when you are focused on what is missing or what you ‘should have’ but don’t, something you believe yourself entitled to? Rather average.

The thing is, we are not entitled to ANYTHING. Despite society thinking they are entitled, we are not even entitled to live. It is a GIFT that we are even alive, a miracle called nature.

We cannot control our thoughts, and most certainly cannot think of being grateful every moment of the day.
As such, it’s our vibration we must work on to increase the type of thoughts our minds RECEIVE and the energies our bodies are tuned in to. To increase our general thinking/quality of or thought we must raise our vibration within the body.

We do this by improving our health – which is done by being GRATEFUL for our bodies thus taking CARE of them. We also raise our vibration though embracing self-care not just of the body, but of our minds, our emotional freedom from past pain, and by unlocking the SEVEN energy centres or Chakras in the body. This allows energy to flow freely!

The mind must be cared for too, and in caring for the body, the mind will dramatically increase in it’s potency.

The bringer of all that is good, pleasant, beautiful in life, and conversely, the opposite of gratitude – taking for granted what we have is a most damaging force, are both – states of VIBRATION.
Being ungrateful is sure to take even that which we do have, away, our health, our relationships, our houses, our material possessions.

Let’s also remember not to be possessed by our possessions, programed by low vibrational TV or Netflix shows (those that cause damage to the mind such as shows riddled with intense violence and gore.

On a cognitive level – using simple logic, it is easy to understand how consistently giving thanks for something makes you feel better, makes you feel safer and happier. You feel that life is RIGHT.

As I once read; “if you are not happy and grateful with what you have now, what makes you think you deserve or would be happy with more”?

We live in a world of consumerism; there is no doubt about that. Simply observe the scores of people, cuing at shops as the newest smartphone is released, (even if they cannot fit it in their budget) many of whom have mobiles that are already in good condition and more than serving their needs satisfactorily.

The universe works on laws. Gravity is a law. As is the law of motion. Gratitude can be directly linked to the law of attraction which is a secondary law, as stated, to the law of vibration which really is THE law of the universe.
Everything is in a state of constant vibration – including ‘solid’ objects. The higher the vibration, the better the FEELING we have.

Nikola Tesla said it right, “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Being un-thankful makes you feel BAD (which is simply, you are in a low vibrational state). This attracts thoughts of a like NATURE. The worse you feel the easier it is for your thoughts to be destructive, painful, fearful.

The better you feel, the more your thoughts will be constructive, creative and loving.

When you feel bad and consequently, lower your vibration/the frequency of your reality, what you attract to your life, experiences, people, ‘circumstances’ all those things are coming to you because you have a low vibration.

Look at the people who earn the least (especially those in less privileged areas) in a socio-economic context. Often living in government housing, alcoholism, gambling much money they do not have to gamble, and violence are all more rampart in poorer families (obviously not in all) but it is statistically more common, especially Western society.

Commonly mistaken is that ‘money’ is the root of all evil, but actually it is poverty which is horrible to live in, I would know, having embraced it myself in my youth.

Money is neither good nor bad, it is neutral until someone has it. A ‘good’ person (someone who is in a state of loving vibration) will do good things with money. Someone who is ‘bad’ (is in a lot of pain and fear) will do ‘bad’ things with money.

How would I know? I have lived in these housing complexes and personally experienced how poverty can affect everything, lack of education, poor health and much more. Having gratitude raises you out of poverty! We only DESERVE more by being grateful for that which we already have.


It has been said that being calm in any situation, is the most spiritual practice, and management of every situation.
When you consider this, it has a profound truth behind it.

Ever wanted to start your own business? Or try you skills at a new sport or activity and been too afraid to do it?
Remaining calm, no matter the situation is the best way to get a good outcome. I have been tested and as I seek challenge, and seek growth, I am often tested on this powerful character trait.

Calmness is the space in which to be to achieve what you want and keep away decisions that will get you what you don’t want.

So how do we remain calm?
Personally I am very fond of Stoicism for this reason – it helps you remain calm. Stoicism was founded by Zeon of Citium. Stoicism is a Hellenistic philosophy was used in ancient Rome and Greece.

Very briefly, stoicism makes use of logic and thought, focusing on learning how to not being controlled by our fears or base stimuli/short-lived pleasures.

It has a strong focus on imagining the waste case scenarios of any situation that is causing us grief in a CALM – and logically way. To be a stoic means working out and coming to a realisation that MOST situations we imagine as BAD or TERRIBLE are not NEARLY as bad as the we imagine they are in our minds (which LOVES to magnify POSSIBLE but UNLIKELY devastating outcomes, in every area of life).

There is MUCH more to stoicism than that (I cover more on Stoicism in a subsequent blog – keep an eye out for it).
Another way to remain calm is to deep breathe. It brings us back to REALITY and not the realities our minds like to create when the mind decides the present moment isn’t good enough, not interesting enough.

We always have the capacity to deal with emergencies when they come up – but the phantom problems the mind likes to make cannot be dealt with because they are not even real.
Peace and love to you. Thanks for reading.

Check out growthforsuccess.com for more blogs.

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We can not control our thoughts

We do not control our thoughts. This goes against everything we are taught!

We’re told we should ‘control our thoughts’ and thus our behaviour and therefore our actions and results.
How can I show you that you are not in control of what you think?

Technically, I can’t but you can see for yourself, by EXPERIENCING it. Try this simple test:

Ask yourself this question; ‘what will my next thought be’? After asking the question, sit and observe your thoughts and write down the exact thought that came to you first.

Try to predict what you will think (do this a few times).

As I am sure you will find, you DON’T control what will come to you.

We don’t know what thought will come to us. We can’t control it.
How do we control what cannot be controlled? Can you control the tides of the ocean? Nope, and it’s the same with thoughts.

The human being does have the ability to channel thoughts, thus it appears we create them.

While we can’t choose precisely what thought we have, we can ‘influence the direction’ of our thoughts.

Someone who plays hours of piano each day, what is it likely they will think about often?

An athlete training for hours a day, do you think that training will be a subject in their mind often?

For sure!

It’s helpful to note that often we believe– WE create our thoughts – but we don’t (we create environments conducive to certain types of thoughts). But, we are not responsible for the creation of the thought.

No, thoughts come to us through the aether/infinite intelligence (whatever you want to call it). They arise from no-where, are created out of NO THING and they come TO us – they are not created BY us!

Do you truly believe you control your thoughts? How is that so if we don’t even CHOOSE our next thought, moment to moment, they just come to us? Not only do we not choose them, we don’t even know what they will be. We also can’t control IF we do have thoughts or not – they just keep coming – we cannot TURN OFF our thinking.

The main time we direct, at least the general direction of our thoughts is when we FOCUS intently on our conscious thinking – on a particular thought we WANT to have (or indeed, do not want to have) and this takes a GREAT deal of presence and energy to sustain.

It takes considerably MORE energy and awareness to sustain thoughts of a nature that are totally the opposite of what our habitual way of feeling is. As an example, if you more often than not feel anxious, holding a feeling of love (without using some of the techniques I have listed in the latter part of this blog) is VERY, hard, and almost feels impossible!

We have all heard of trying not to think of a pink elephant…. and what comes to the screen of the mind? You betcha, a pink elephant will appear.

When we monitor and consciously direct our thoughts as best we can, we seem to have control – but even then, we don’t know what we will think from one moment to the next.

Apart from when we are intently conscious/focused on our thoughts, the remainder of the time, our thinking minds work on AUTO-PILOT (they work on auto pilot while we observe too, however we seem to be directing them).
If you observe you’re thinking, a thought will come to you! If you observe for quite some time, you will notice such a wide variety of thoughts.

If you really believe you CAN control your thoughts, try to stop having any thoughts for 5 minutes.
Most of us are lucky to last 30 seconds without thoughts popping back into our minds. The exciting thing about this is that thoughts are infinite in their potential and can be about anything. Any human on this planet is capable of having any thought, and thus the actions that thought leads to, and also achieving any corresponding results!

We do not control our lives, we don’t control anything really. … though we like to think we do.
When it’s our time to die on this physical plane, we die. We don’t choose.

We like to think we are ‘above’ nature – that there is nature and in it’s own special category, we have the ‘human being; – the ‘more-important’ creature (look at how we treat other creatures we call food).

Many of us see ourselves as a separate entity, a special exception to nature.

But we are part of nature! We must remember this to heal, to become more present.

This is all very interesting but how does understanding that we are not truly in control of our thoughts each moment – HELP us?

It helps in a number of ways.
First we gain the understanding that thoughts come TO us not FROM us.

The ‘TYPES OF THOUGHTS’ or what we could call ‘quality of thoughts’ we have, CAN be INFLUENCED a great deal by us changing our FEELINGS, the VIBRATION that we are tuned into.

We want to aim for the feeling we want to feel, which will create an environment for the THOUGHTS on the same vibrational/emotional level to inhabit our bodies and therefore our minds.

Look at those who have very little and are GRATEFUL. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations, coming second only to the highest which is LOVE.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have FEAR – which is the lowest vibration. All kind of atrocities happen because of fear, not least, conformity.

Fear of not having income, causes many to stay in work that is perhaps not a dream career. Fear of being alone causes many of us to remaining in relationships (including the one with ourselves) that are not uplifting, that don’t really serve us.

Remember, fear and love are emotions – they are states of vibration and what determines our thoughts? OUR most often held, feelings, our VIBRATION, our emotions.

You may have heard of ‘The Secret’ a very successful movie and book series about one of the ‘secondary’ universal laws: ‘the law of attraction’. The law of attraction, IE the thoughts we attract, the ‘circumstances’ we attract are EXACTLY in line with the state of vibration we are in.

What this means is, rather than try to change our THINKING we can focus on our VIBRATION (feeling) within our bodies.
So you may be thinking, great Chris, how does this help me?

It helps in this way: we cannot experience a consistent flow of ‘good/enjoyable/constructive/helpful’ thoughts – when we are in a lower state of vibration.

Nikola Tesla said, ‘if you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’.
The ‘secret’ to thoughts that help us is to have our bodies in a higher state of vibration.

So the question we need to answer is: what creates a higher state of vibration?
Before going over a few quick tips to increase vibration lest first get some understanding of ‘vibration’.

Our vibration in the body and mind is easily observed by tuning in to how we FEEL/our emotions. The emotions we feel most of the time are reflection of our dominant state of vibration.

Feeling sad often, lonely or perhaps you are really happy, vibrant, inspired, at peace.
How you feel comes from the sub-conscious mind (the body).

Feelings/Emotions are energy in motion within the body – E = energy + motion = moving.

Different emotions are experienced at different frequencies, different states of vibration in the body.

To increase your vibration here are some tips (BEST TO DO THEM DAILY) or for as often as you want your emotions being at a higher level, thus facilitating a good space for your thoughts to ALSO be of a higher vibration:

ONE: Sing a happy, uplifting song you love and dance to it (movement is key)

TWO: Get your body into really good health. Love your body, put mostly raw and unprocessed, WHOLE foods that are alive (plants) into your body and MOVE your body every day. Even a walk around the block can do wonders.

THREE: Yoga (YouTube search it) – one of the best ways to raise your consciousness – and the only know way to massage and in doing so, help to heal and detoxify your internal organs (the twisting poses do so the most)

FOUR: Meditation – guided if you are beginner (YouTube search it also)

FIVE: Doing what you love! For me it’s writing, music, moving the body (although it is universal, the easiest way to ‘find ourselves, to return home’ is to do so through the body)

SIX: Company – be around people who inspire, lift, and support and nurture you

SEVEN: ENVIRONMENT – being in nature, a walk on the beach, sitting in a park or a forest is a very quick way to raise your vibration. As we are beings of nature, when we go out into nature, rather than spending/wasting all day inside a building, we start to align our vibration with that of nature – the highest vibration there is.

EIGHT: Change your physiology – just sitting upright will raise your spirit and make you FEEL more confident – which of course – feeling is a vibration.

NINE: Learn something new or improve on something you already know. Experience and learning is what we are here for. What else is life about? Hording items that we must leave when we move out of our physical bodies? Experience is life.

TEN: DEEP breathing. This is why movement is so good – it helps us deep breathe, especially when we actually exert ourselves. The harder the work out the more we must breathe deeply, which is the number 1 way our body detoxes, through the breath! Do you work in an office or shop or another building most of the day? How much recycled, unnatural air do you re-breathe all day – that and ‘air-conditioned’ air weaken the lungs – but by deep breathing in nature, we do the reverse.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks for readying. Give it a bump if it helped, and follow me for more posts, where I will delve further into the mind, thought and life.

In closing, please remember, while we cannot choose the exact thoughts we will have – each of us none-the-less, responsible for our own lives. We CAN improve our vibration, therefore improving our thoughts.

I wish you peace, love, and growth in mind body and spirit

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5 REASONS why, you haven’t built your life the way you want it, YET

After this pretty picture, here is a question for you…

Have you ever wanted to build your own business, or a career you love, rather than a job, you just work for money?

Here are some causes and ways to start working towards what you want.

ONE: Social CONDITIONING – causing fear of being vulnerable (and unwillingness to put ourselves out there, physically or mentally)

Often we mistake who we are. We think we are our bodies, our minds – our thoughts.

What we actually are is a collective consciousness, infinite beings of pure light energy and love. That is what we actually are at our core. It is hard to imagine ourselves as pure love when we compromise who we are in relationships (we all do or have in some way shape or form); we also work in jobs that we not only dislike, but that cause us pain (the majority of heart attacks happen on a Monday morning, from people on their way to jobs that steal their spiritual energy).

We are meant to follow our hearts, given that the heart has the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body, about 60 times more powerful than the brain! Yet we are taught to use the weaker part, our cognitive thinking rather than the spiritual thinking power of the heart, yes the heart thinks!

Many teachers, masters of the mind, have said – we are spiritual, eternal beings, having a human experience – in a physical body that will one day, no longer be able to house our spirit. This is true!

The spirit – the undying – that beautiful thing that allows SUPER-HUMAN results, and amazing feats of daring, of courage; that ‘intengible something’ that allows people to tight rope walk across massive canyons with no parachute or safety line, or to jump in water to help someone being attacked by a shark, putting our own lives at risk with no thought for ourselves!

We all want to help other beings when we see them struggling, it’s our nature to love!

The power that can be built in our bodies and minds with correct training, movement, thought, fuel and rest, are so far beyond what most of us do in a lifetime, that it truly is sad!

Why do so many of us live such small lives? CERTAINLY less than what we could – considering we are beings of infinite potential – we have unlimited possiblities!

The body is run by the mind (not to be confused with the brain) – the mind is in every cell of our body, and it goes beyond our physical body. We get caught up on our reality being only what we can see, taste, touch, hear and smell.

When we incorrectly identify as powerless, frail beings, rather than beings of infinite potential, our fear of death increases dramatically (fear of our body being harmed or destroyed), fear of being ridiculed (fear of our mind and ego being ‘wrong’ or ‘challenged’, insulted, made to look like fools) and in reality, the irrational fear of death arises within us, preventing any action taking, other than the ‘mindless-habitual-actions we usually take’.

In allowing this fear to take us over, we conform. To lives where we desperately want to do more, but are so confused, conditioned, misinformed, drugged on our so called ‘food’, and as Ralph of Infinite waters says, our vision is lied to by the Television, “which tells lies to your vision”.

INSTEAD of living free lives, with more time out in nature, we stay in jobs, we have been conditioned to do so.

Since primary school. We are taught to sit in neat little rows, looking at the teacher, droning on about something most of us don’t care about, and must do 12 years of ‘prison time’ before we even start in a job, despite being able to learn everything from reception to grade 12 in 2 years or less.

How long did it take you to speak an entire language?

Did you do school to learn to speak or did you just learn by observing others, parents and so forth?

It would be much more fun to play, and find what we love when we are children, but conditioning and breaking down of the human spirit by keeping it locked inside, doing very dull things is a very powerful way to help create humans who doubt themselves, and are too fearful to go out on their own to do what they really love.

This said, we cannot allow this excuse to stop us gaining back our freedom! As adults we are able to choose now!

I have noticed any time I set out to build a business – my massage business currently, it is a challenging, yet exciting journey! The biggest factor wasn’t actually massaging but the fear of the unknown – would people laugh at me trying to promote my business? Could I ‘mess up’ and not offer the great value I truly want to offer my clients?

TWO Lack of knowledge in your field (feeling unskilled, or not learned enough, lacking experience)

This for me was a factor too – and at times still is.
The only way to acquire more knowledge is to get out there and do what it is you want to learn.
The same is said for experience, it is something that requires doing before you get it.

We all want to do our best, deep down, but we have to be willing to start out not so good, average, do it bad if it’s all you can do to start – but just do it! Get started today!

THREE Don’t feel like doing it…………….. yet

This will never change. You will never feel like taking steps you are uncertain about – but this is called life!

When we understand that we are e-motive beings – that is to say, EVERYTHING we do, or indeed, don’t do – is because we want to feel a certain way, or avoid feeling a certain way – period!

Does what you want to do, mean more to you than the risk involved? Often the risk involved is magnified by our dramatising minds (drama is conditioning, we have it in our families on television – even our NATIONAL LEADERS act like children, creating drama and terrible communication among themselves – blaming rather than taking responsibility)

FOUR: You haven’t found what you want to do as a business (listening to your mind rather than heart)

I had NO idea what to do when I was starting out, and indeed, it still feels like I am starting out…. I don’t think that feeling ever goes away, which is fine – we grow by being uncomfortable.

But what I DID do, was to try new things, to develop myself and my mind. I did my Diploma of Management, wanting to further my career in a call centre, office work. I wanted to be a coordinator and eventually, team leader and manager. This was however, just for financial gain and to improve my skills – not to do what my heart desired, what I was good at, what I was naturally gifted at doing
This was my mind telling me I wanted this so I could ‘be happy’ have more money, and go on better vacations.

I knew it wasn’t for me, after observing managers, and team leaders. I wouldn’t care if you pay me $200, 000 a year, I wouldn’t want to be sitting at a desk, doing something I had no interest in for 40+ hours a week
That is prison to me

I discovered personal development – clicked on a Brian Tracy video on YouTube and knew this was what I loved….

So I did my Diploma of Counselling so I could get a job as counsellor after finishing a degree too, though another reason I did my Diploma of Counselling was to further develop my people skills with and to understand myself better.

$15, 000 of debt later, I am not using my Diploma of Counselling to generate income

I am now a qualified in whole body massage too as I thought it would be fun to work as a massage therapist.

It is not my passion – as much as I enjoy massaging, I wouldn’t want to do 40 hours a week of it, as that would be too much and take away from my biggest three passions, I only learned by trying things – by getting off my couch which are:

Learning and teaching self development for mind, body and spirit
Playing Musical instruments, and inspiring people with music
Becoming strong in my body and testing my skill in competition

FIVE: WE have forgotten we are part of nature – and not getting into nature NEARLY, enough!

Nature can help you return to equilibrium, much faster than most things. It can help to rid us of depression, anxiety, loneliness.
Do you think it is natural to stay in a building, looking at a screen to build someones business for them for 40 hours each week?
Do you think it natural to be really down 5 days a week and enjoy only 2?

It is not – life shouldn’t be a struggle to get out of bed, one opportunity clock should be all we need – rather than multiple ‘alarm clocks’ which we wake up alarmed and knowing we have a day we must devote to doing what we would really rather not.

Many of us have started to feel like just giving it all up (jobs we hate, paying 3 times what a house is worth thanks to interested even though our banking system is broken and unfair to the masses).

We would just as happily live in a cottage in the middle of no where and live off the land.

Is your environment conducive to your success?

Who are you spending time with? What is your home environment like? It must be harmonious (for the most part) and supportive.
You need lots of light and fresh air coming into your house.
What is your real home like (your body). While if your house burns down, it can be rebuilt, your body cannot.
If you die, that is it for this physical experience we are having. Also how healthy you are will play a big part on your mindset, and how you feel about yourself.

From personal experience, when the body is toxic, overweight and being polluted (bad foods, cigarettes, copious amounts of alcohol, bad TV) our confidence becomes much lower!

We need health, of mind and body and our spirit must be unconditioned (DE-Programmed) so we can life lives we truly love. Check out my blog on steemit for regular updates

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In life we should be free, to express and grow, Body, Mind and Spirit

Why is it, when we see the word, “FREE”……..

……………something in us gravitates towards it?

Our minds may be thinking: ‘hey has this free thing got monetary value’ or can it help in some other way

Our bodies may think: is it food or drink??

Is it just because we could use a bite to eat or sip to drink, or some more cash that we give this word “free” our attention? Or does something profound, draw us to it…..

Could it be that DEEP down, we feel somewhere in our bodies that we would like to be more FREE ourselves, if only of a few kilos of body weight or a couple of those pesky bills, or to create our own businesses that add value to others and thus more income for ourselves, or just simply, we want to be free for at least a while, of some other responsibilities we feel are eating too much of our time on this earth?

Maybe we are starting to wake up and wanting to be FREE of the mass conditioning we all go through as a society

Living in suburbia in modern society we know that nothing in life, really is free… nothing of value anyway, besides perhaps sunlight, and air though perhaps a lot more things could be, Nikola Tesla’s ideas and discoveries on free energy for everyone *cough, cough*

Are we feeling tired, sombre? Like we aren’t even coming close to using just SOME of our potential, or releasing energy (we release energy not create it – all energy already exists)

Are we so caught up on what others MAY think, or say if we ‘fail’ in our attempts to live our dreams that we don’t even give it a go? Do we stop at one attempt if we don’t get desired result immediately from a couple attempts?

Do we have vigor that enables us to mentally, and physically jump out of bed (after stretching and thinking of what we are grateful for) and running out the front door with excitement, for life (perhaps after getting dressed)!!

In life – Are we letting ourselves down, and if so, does it cause us pain??

Do you the reader, like me, feel like you could use some more education and help with creating more confidence, feeling more energy and unlocking real lasting belief in yourself that –

1. you are able to


2. you are worthy of

– creating your life exactly how you would enjoy living it??

Don’t we all deserve our lives to be inspirational, filled with love and freedom?

If you are a parent, surely it’s not only OK, but it’s EXPECTED that you would want the very best for your child.

If so, why is it not OK to want the very best for yourself, aren’t you a child at heart?

How do you see the future for yourself, your family and those you love around you?

Are you a positive, uplifting person for you fellow person/beings, or do you feel like you need so much uplifting yourself from how much life has crushed you, that you can’t even get out of bed without a stuggle? Do you wake up refreshed or tired?

Does it seem like no one or no thing can give you quite enough knowledge, or the right ‘technique’ or so called ‘secrets’ of success?

I felt the same way for years! Paying coach after coach (til I found my current coach who loves helping people and charges a very modest fee).

I did training courses and seminars, one after the other, each person ‘promising life changing results’

Rarely did I attend a course where there was honest, that we are all responsible for our results and no-one can guarentee anything


A loving act you can do right now for yourself is to consider the following (and if you are going to be really good to yourself, open up Notepad or Word, or grab a pad and pen and take notes on your answers):

When people hear your name, what will they say about you when you 100 years old/if you “make it” to 100?

What do YOU want them to say? Who were you? How did you live, how did your life impact on the earth, what legacy did you leave for your kids and their kids, and your fellow humans?

Were you kind, did you love fully, live your life daringly:

Did you live and strive to experience everything you dreamed, or did you like many of us have at times: conform to mediocrity, and even misery?


  • free from non-foods that make you sick – that you are addicted to (as was I)
  • free from work that isn’t your dream work (here, here)
  • free from corrosive relationships, first & foremost with yourself, but all others too
  • free from a feeling of dis-ease, daily emotional pain and uncertainty
  • free from oppression, depression in all its forms and life debilitating thinking

Did you live your days, getting THROUGH your weeks, not really giving life a real go?

…rather than living the majority of our lives, experiencing the gift, the present moment, because we are focused on what we love or were naturally talented at doing

We are all here to create, we all CREATED our circumstances in our lives, albeit we were heavily influenced by society and conditioning

We learn what we love by participating in as many activities we can! By getting out of our houses and living life!

Is your life situation now, one in which each week, the most joyous sound you hear is your own voice internally saying those words “THANK god it’s 5pm Friday”!!

Do you LOVE your life, those sharing it with you and what you are doing with most of your time? Are you working on things that in doing so, will let your spirit soar?

Is you MIND free from worry (at least most of the time), is your BODY free from all dis-ease – all sickness, and is your spirit therefore able to inhabit your mind and body fully, and thus FREE to EXPRESS, grow, share, love and be totally who you are, and created your life dreams you had as a child which you have now convinced yourself you don’t have…

For many of us, at home, in schools and all of main stream society and media, ‘Love’ has been taught to us to be a physical action we share with someone special – and we try to have good emotions towards each other

We are often not sufficiently (if at all) taught the philosophies of REAL love – for ourselves and with others

Most people wouldn’t say when asked, “what is love”, that “love is the desire and willingness to be totally emotional vulnerable and connected, to ourselves,: it’s about Connection to another a person, a being, is not widely taught

The teaching of connection is limited, because most of us haven’t a clue what it is, much less experienced it for ourselves

MOST importantly, we don’t understand connection because our 3 dimensional being, MIND, BODY and SPIRIT do not have a harmonious relationships with each other

Our minds, hurt, we have thoughts that don’t serve us

Many of our bodies are weak, unfit, inflexible and consistently being poised by our actions and put down in our minds, our thinking

To connect with our selves, or someone or something, to have unconditional love; we must first be able to connect with and have love for ourselves – love for our bodies, our minds and our spirit must be free

How long can look yourself in a mirror into your own eyes, and keep all your thoughts and feelings about you – constructive, uplifting and kind?

If it’s not for long, you may be lacking on the ‘unconditional’ side of the unconditional love equation – we all have times where we do lack this


Wouldn’t we all love to have a deep and meaningful, harmonious relationship with ourselves and everything and one around us?

It’s tough, maintaining harmonious relationships with ourselves that are aware enough to keep our thoughts from destroying our lives – our bodies, our environment, our world

We all want to experience enduring freedom from pain creating habits we adopt so we can live a good, long, healthy and prosperous life, one we can fully enjoy with all other people and things we encounter (what we attract is in a vibrational/energy frequency that we put out into the universe, courtesy of who we are at any present moment

But, because we don’t understand love, (that love is doing what we enjoy, not what numbs us so we don’t feel) we continue to do things that make it even harder to be free – because our unconscious thoughts and actions are those of a lowers vibrational frequency, sometimes so low it is simply a basic animalistic existence

Surely this is a most dire question;  am I living my life just for base impulse, short lived pleasures, food, TV, sex rather than correctly accessing my energy to thrive!

How can we give up compulsive TV/SCREEN-TIME, NON-FOODS/DRUGS, ALCOHOL, NEGATIVE THINKING, over indulgence in any of the five senses in a non constructive manner – misusing our creativity energy and REALISE our dreams?

How can we give up these things, these time fillers, and mind numbing activities or lack there of, when they comfort us in a way, it’s what we know – and we use to fill the void we would otherwise feel more intensely

How can we give up vices that hold us captive in our own bodies, and prisoners of our own minds, when they the very things we use to fill voids we had created earlier in the day or week by betraying what we really want to do, and who we want to be – the void we created from wasting hours NOT doing what we love, day after day!

Instead we may be going to jobs are not in line with our creative spirits, where an hour sometimes feels like a day, or perhaps we keep doing things to our bodies that harm them, sometimes even consciously unaware

We all at times, do or have done things which are not in harmony with our bodies, minds and what our spirits are naturally drawn to

In doing this what happens is we suppress and ‘give up‘, parts of who we are, what we want to do in life (and try to bullshit ourselves that we don’t have dreams, are unworthy of any we may be aware we have, or incapable of ever doing what we really want, who the hell are we to try???)

EVERY SINGLE person has dreams that are so much BIGGER than what conditioned society, collective mass consciousness believes is possible! I CERTAINLY do.

The past 4+ years of coaching for me have really all been going towards me believing it’s possible to live these dreams!! I have been educating and going to seminars, and reading books for the better part of a decade (I am a mere youngster at 29)

I have learned that humans have global desires:

We have all been conditioned, Programmed but want to break free

We want our bodies back! To be healthy and not addicted to poisons & ‘non-foods’

We want our relationships blissful – especially with our selves so we are FREE

We want to understand wealth and create it – seeing people in poverty is painful!!

We want to be successful

We want to RISE and…

We want to LIFT up those whose lives we can, to touch the hearts of people, other creatures, plants and the beautiful earth we live on

I decided to create something to help myself, and whoever I can live a life that is FREE!

It’s interim name is:

 How to wake th* f* UP -  

using life Questions 

This is not a program, but rather an UN-program

It’s purpose is to deprogram myself (building this, working with brilliant people and using it’s principles are precisely how I did it), and the 90% who are living life hurting, not free, but enslaved to impulses, our bodies, and our minds

The goal is to help everyone who is ready, to have harmonius relationships between mind, body and spirit

This is how it works (sneak peak):

UN-programming the MIND things learned from our upbringing/parents,  and conditioning tools (school, jobs and other factors)


UN-programming the BODY – releasing emotions which we have held as burdens since we were children (e-motion = ENERGY in motion)

As children when we expresses emotions – we are learning first, what emotions are – they are so powerful – we cannot control them

Energy cannot be created or destroyed – It can be harnessed, channeled, stored, released (it is everywhere, it is everything)

This in mind, when child is born into this our unconscious world we live in (that is slowly waking), often they are punished at home, or at school for expressing ‘inconvenient’, or ‘naughty’ emotions or ‘the wrong’ emotions at the wrong time

When I child has a tantrum, the experience not having something they want, or having to do something they don’t want to in the shopping center for example, and is punished for doing so – the emotion is STORED!

As adults, we have already been conditioned – we know to be ORDERLY, there are social ‘so called NORMS’ that keep us from killing each other – and they are necessary

So when our children have a tantrum and not draw attention to us (or so I have observed I am not a parent yet) we perhaps feel embarrassed and not know how to deal with another being, this child who is learning to express the emotion of, not getting what they want

This is because we were once the child who was taught and indeed, punished, if we expressed the wrong emotion at the wrong time – we were emotionally suppressed

You must release that emotion to RAISE your emotional intelligence!

The reason this is the focus of the course is that, when your mind and body are no longer conditioned – NOW that we are ADULTS – we have the POWER to UN-program useless ‘shit’ programing we were giving that is running, and INDEED RUINING our lives.

We are able to then, CREATE exactly the life we want!!


I will keep posting updates and snip-its of the program and tips how you can unconditioned your mind, body and free your spirit so you can live how you want and help those you meet to do the same

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A way to clear the mind

What a great day!
Got so much DE-cluttering done, and made some bank on items I don’t use anymore in the process, which I can invest in what I truly love.

If ever your mind is full of nonsense (noise and thoughts) and you can’t seem to clear it, try doing a big clean of your environment. De-cluttering the house can help De-clutter the mind. We need space to be – to exist.

It is good not to get too attached to items and more importantly not to let ourselves be fooled that an item forms part of who we are as a being.

As Eric Thomas said, ‘The most important thing is this: to be able at any moment – to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become!’

This certainly includes getting rid of items we don’t use or need to someone who could benefit greatly from it, will use it and be grateful for the item.

An example, I sold a guitar I had that I hadn’t so much as thought about much less played in at least 2 years. The house was getting a bit too cluttered (we tend to accumulate items over the years) and I knew it was time for space (mentally and physically – the two are intimately connected – psyche and soma).

The gentleman I sold it too, got a great deal, I sold it for much less than I could have, but I didn’t need more money and wanted it gone to create space!

He told me that this guitar was going to be a child’s very first guitar!

Because I was willing to part with something, that guitar is no longer sitting in a spare room, in case one day I want to play it, and will now be the vehicle to take the first steps in a young mind, introducing it to a most wonderful, magically journey, that of a musician!

The reasons we sometimes keep many things for, ‘one day just in case’, is because we can have believes that are rooted in that of a world of lack – that is to say, a hording mentality – where we feel there is not enough for everyone.

It is understandable in some of our older generation as their parents may have experiences the great depression, so terms like, eat all your food (don’t waste there won’t be enough) become very used by a large amount of people – for survival.

We live in the most prosperous and abundant time in history!

The universe is abundant for what we need. Just look how many lemons you can get from a single tree (mine has about 100 and 100 flowers for more that will start growing).

Lemon trees provide fruit all year!

A lemon is something whose juices will alkaline your drinking water (which is good for heavily chlorinated water such as that in SA). The acidity of the lemon neutralizes the chlorine making the water pure!

Water is the what our bodies need most besides air.

Sacrificing what we are can be getting rid of ‘junk’, don’t keep it if you really won’t use it (there is a 1% chance you will ever use it). It is possible to identify ourselves in part by the items we have – but this is superficial. Sure it’s good to have nice things but don’t be attached to the material. Be attached to what truly matters to you and what you love in life

Moral of the story:
Drink lemon in your water if you don’t have filters in them (plant a lemon tree)

De-clutter – home and mind.

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Happy Monday everyone!

Happy Monday everyone!

A day many fear but I love it!

It reminds me of what goals I have and what value I want to offer others and create in my life too. Don’t merely get THROUGH Monday, and the week only to do it again next week and the week after…..but rather, ‘gather some new knowledge you can act upon, continue to grow in body mind and soul’!

As Jim Rohn said, ‘boy it’s easy to just get through the day, but sophisticated people learn to get FROM the day. Gathering value and equities for tomorrow’.

Let’s have a great, life enhancing week, work hard and smart and remember to have fun!

Let’s be present in all our activities, and our interactions with each person that comes into our lives.

Leave everyone who has interacted with us with a feeling of increase, a feeling of ‘I am happy to have interacted with that person’.

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