EVERYONE wants more in life – Here is HOW!

EVERYONE wants more in life. If you go to work and while there you are counting down the hours until 5pm or counting down the days of the week until Friday, YOU WANT MORE. However you have probably talked yourself into thinking you don’t really want more. You may have said something like; “I am really quite happy as I am, everything in my life is not quite how I want it but I am OK with that”.

Just like people talk themselves into thinking they are OK with ‘intimate’ relationships where both parties are just trying to use each other to facilitate their own deep seeded inadequacies and weaknesses rather than to work on themselves and conquer their weaknesses.

For others, it is physical health/weight/appearance. They pretend they are happy with being miserable, sick, overweight and so on. That it is somehow OK because they observe so many other miserable ‘normal’ people.

You and I both know this is a load of rubbish!!!

Sickness and misery is NOT NORMAL AT ALL, it is a manmade INSANITY and the fact that many people are so doesn’t make it NORMAL.  The total opposite of this is your natural state: healthiness, peace of mind and unconditional love.

It is a sad thing to lie to other people but continuing to live a half-life and lying to yourself that you are happy with it, damages you on such a deep level. If you are doing this you can say goodbye to your self-confidence, purpose, meaning, unconditional love and self-respect.

It’s a pretty heavy price to pay for not putting in the effort to grow and learn about who you are and what you want to do in your life.

Have you ever heard the expression, “De Nile is not just a river in Egypt?” Well it’s not. Stop living in the river of De Nile and be honest with yourself.

IF YOU ARE HONEST you DO want more in at least one aspect of your life: if may be

  • More skill for a hobby or new experience trying new activities you have always wanted to try.
  • More recognition and fulfilment at work, home or in your recreational activities, clubs or groups.
  • A more challenging and thought provoking career.
  • More money (or more accurately the choices and therefore freedom money can buy)
  • A more healthy body to live in (preferably your own body) J
  • A truly intimate relationship where you and your partner together are adding more to each other’s lives because you are both complete and confident in who you are as opposed to a ‘relationship’ in which you and your partner are using each other as an emotional crutch to make yourselves feel like your lives have meaning (due to not knowing your own value).

Well you can always have more because you can BECOME more.

You can be fulfilled and KNOW that your life has meaning and direction; that this year doesn’t have to be the same as the last 1, 5 or 10 or more years have been. You can have more and different things and experiences because you can grow to become more and do different things.

So how do you do this? You do it by developing yourself, your skills, learning what you love and giving back to the world, your unique gifts and talents so that other people can enjoy the beauty, art and benefit of your creations.

You GET more by first, CHANGING your attitude, and second, by REPEATEDLY putting new, empowering data (THAT WORKS) that is in the area your desire to improve in, into your subconscious mind.

For help on attitude, check out my post on Attitude:


Finally, subscribe to my blog to prove not to me, but to yourself that you DO WANT MORE and you are NO LONGER going to live your life like this is TAKE 1. You have one life here in this body you are in, so why not see what you can do with your life?

Subscribe and please leave some comments and feedback, how this has helped and your thoughts.


About Christopher Zuidam

My passions are: human potential/psychology/self-development, skateboarding, Jiu Jitsu playing just about any sport, adventure/being active, travelling, learning, the studying and playing of musical instruments including voice and digitally music. I study by my own means, self-development books, seminars, audio learning and with like minded people. The purpose of Growth for Success is: 1. To promote on a massive scale, releasing mind, body, and spirit from social, insane conditioning (we call normal) 2. Growth and learning, internally and externally and teaching others 2. Education on the TRUTH about health and fitness, healing in body and mind, releasing the human spirit to soar 4. Teaching how to have intimate free spirited relationships with everyone and everything
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2 Responses to EVERYONE wants more in life – Here is HOW!

  1. normgoss91 says:

    I agree that Changing Attitude must be the first priority to live MORE in this life. Keep on posting!

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