Wonder: the key to an amazing life!

Wonder: the key to an amazing life!

It is phenomenal how often I have heard people say, “my school days were the best days of my life“.

Naturally a percentage of people didn’t enjoy school due to bullying or other reasons, however a large percentage of people did enjoy their school years.

Why is it the case for many of us that ‘school was the best part of our lives‘?

One word: Wonder!!!

In school we had a sense of wonder, everything was exciting and NEW and anything was possible!

In school we where learning anything and everything! We where always being challenged:

  • Challenged with various subjects, technology (woodwork, metalwork, electronics, other)
  • Basic life skills: Cooking, sewing, many others
  • Art: Photography, painting, music, other
  • English and/or another language(s): we where learning to speak, write, articulate
  • Maths: learning to count and work out problems and learn formulas
  • Relationships: learning how to make friends, building the relationships and meeting new people all the time
  • Sport: being active, learning how to play ‘ball sports’, ‘bat and racket sports’ and many others – perhaps aquatics or similar
  • Learning about history, science, chemistry, and many, many other things…

WOW!!! With all this learning, of course life was FULL of WONDER!!!

Let me ask this: Are we waking up with a sense of wonder everyday? If not, why?

We are subconsciously choosing NOT to grow.

Compare the amount of growth we go through as children/adolescents to that which we do as adults and you can EASILY see why many/most adults have the ‘thank god it’s Friday’ mentality, no sense of wonder in their lives and quite simply: ARE BORED crap-less.

Lets put the wonder back in our lives – EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

If we are not in the careers we really want to be in, lets change it. If our health is poor and we are depleted of energy from the moment we wake, lets change it!!

If we are over ground hog day everyday, week after week, year after year, then LETS CHANGE IT! Lets WAKE UP! We were not born to be bored pathetic creatures when we (to quote Les Brown) “have GREATNESS within us”.

Anything is still possible for us now MORE SO than it was in school because we are adults now and can choose to do WHATEVER we want with our lives!!!

Lets start learning DAILY again and lets start consciously CHOOSING to do so. Lets study and do new things, learn new skills, meet new people, make new friends!

That is how we put the WONDER back in your life!!!!

Lets take ACTION on this today!!!


About Christopher Zuidam

My passions are: human potential/psychology/self-development, skateboarding, Jiu Jitsu playing just about any sport, adventure/being active, travelling, learning, the studying and playing of musical instruments including voice and digitally music. I study by my own means, self-development books, seminars, audio learning and with like minded people. The purpose of Growth for Success is: 1. To promote on a massive scale, releasing mind, body, and spirit from social, insane conditioning (we call normal) 2. Growth and learning, internally and externally and teaching others 2. Education on the TRUTH about health and fitness, healing in body and mind, releasing the human spirit to soar 4. Teaching how to have intimate free spirited relationships with everyone and everything
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4 Responses to Wonder: the key to an amazing life!

  1. Jai Pamnany says:

    I’m inspired. Makes me want to become a renaissance man. Thanks Chris!

    • I am glad you are inspired Jai. It is a ‘wonder’ful concept to live an inspired life each day as if everything is a miracle. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and also for commenting. 🙂 I am very grateful that you have invested this time and that it has been a good investment for you.

  2. sallyacurtis says:

    Great read. Bring the wonder back.. You expressed why I enjoy watching my son get engrossed in new things & how he “goes down all the possible rabbit holes, discovering…Wonderment!

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