Happy Monday everyone!

Happy Monday everyone!

A day many fear but I love it!

It reminds me of what goals I have and what value I want to offer others and create in my life too. Don’t merely get THROUGH Monday, and the week only to do it again next week and the week after…..but rather, ‘gather some new knowledge you can act upon, continue to grow in body mind and soul’!

As Jim Rohn said, ‘boy it’s easy to just get through the day, but sophisticated people learn to get FROM the day. Gathering value and equities for tomorrow’.

Let’s have a great, life enhancing week, work hard and smart and remember to have fun!

Let’s be present in all our activities, and our interactions with each person that comes into our lives.

Leave everyone who has interacted with us with a feeling of increase, a feeling of ‘I am happy to have interacted with that person’.


About Christopher Zuidam

My passions are: human potential/psychology/self-development, skateboarding, Jiu Jitsu playing just about any sport, adventure/being active, travelling, learning, the studying and playing of musical instruments including voice and digitally music. I study by my own means, self-development books, seminars, audio learning and with like minded people. The purpose of Growth for Success is: 1. To promote on a massive scale, releasing mind, body, and spirit from social, insane conditioning (we call normal) 2. Growth and learning, internally and externally and teaching others 2. Education on the TRUTH about health and fitness, healing in body and mind, releasing the human spirit to soar 4. Teaching how to have intimate free spirited relationships with everyone and everything
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