In life we should be free, to express and grow, Body, Mind and Spirit

Why is it, when we see the word, “FREE”……..

……………something in us gravitates towards it?

Our minds may be thinking: ‘hey has this free thing got monetary value’ or can it help in some other way

Our bodies may think: is it food or drink??

Is it just because we could use a bite to eat or sip to drink, or some more cash that we give this word “free” our attention? Or does something profound, draw us to it…..

Could it be that DEEP down, we feel somewhere in our bodies that we would like to be more FREE ourselves, if only of a few kilos of body weight or a couple of those pesky bills, or to create our own businesses that add value to others and thus more income for ourselves, or just simply, we want to be free for at least a while, of some other responsibilities we feel are eating too much of our time on this earth?

Maybe we are starting to wake up and wanting to be FREE of the mass conditioning we all go through as a society

Living in suburbia in modern society we know that nothing in life, really is free… nothing of value anyway, besides perhaps sunlight, and air though perhaps a lot more things could be, Nikola Tesla’s ideas and discoveries on free energy for everyone *cough, cough*

Are we feeling tired, sombre? Like we aren’t even coming close to using just SOME of our potential, or releasing energy (we release energy not create it – all energy already exists)

Are we so caught up on what others MAY think, or say if we ‘fail’ in our attempts to live our dreams that we don’t even give it a go? Do we stop at one attempt if we don’t get desired result immediately from a couple attempts?

Do we have vigor that enables us to mentally, and physically jump out of bed (after stretching and thinking of what we are grateful for) and running out the front door with excitement, for life (perhaps after getting dressed)!!

In life – Are we letting ourselves down, and if so, does it cause us pain??

Do you the reader, like me, feel like you could use some more education and help with creating more confidence, feeling more energy and unlocking real lasting belief in yourself that –

1. you are able to


2. you are worthy of

– creating your life exactly how you would enjoy living it??

Don’t we all deserve our lives to be inspirational, filled with love and freedom?

If you are a parent, surely it’s not only OK, but it’s EXPECTED that you would want the very best for your child.

If so, why is it not OK to want the very best for yourself, aren’t you a child at heart?

How do you see the future for yourself, your family and those you love around you?

Are you a positive, uplifting person for you fellow person/beings, or do you feel like you need so much uplifting yourself from how much life has crushed you, that you can’t even get out of bed without a stuggle? Do you wake up refreshed or tired?

Does it seem like no one or no thing can give you quite enough knowledge, or the right ‘technique’ or so called ‘secrets’ of success?

I felt the same way for years! Paying coach after coach (til I found my current coach who loves helping people and charges a very modest fee).

I did training courses and seminars, one after the other, each person ‘promising life changing results’

Rarely did I attend a course where there was honest, that we are all responsible for our results and no-one can guarentee anything


A loving act you can do right now for yourself is to consider the following (and if you are going to be really good to yourself, open up Notepad or Word, or grab a pad and pen and take notes on your answers):

When people hear your name, what will they say about you when you 100 years old/if you “make it” to 100?

What do YOU want them to say? Who were you? How did you live, how did your life impact on the earth, what legacy did you leave for your kids and their kids, and your fellow humans?

Were you kind, did you love fully, live your life daringly:

Did you live and strive to experience everything you dreamed, or did you like many of us have at times: conform to mediocrity, and even misery?


  • free from non-foods that make you sick – that you are addicted to (as was I)
  • free from work that isn’t your dream work (here, here)
  • free from corrosive relationships, first & foremost with yourself, but all others too
  • free from a feeling of dis-ease, daily emotional pain and uncertainty
  • free from oppression, depression in all its forms and life debilitating thinking

Did you live your days, getting THROUGH your weeks, not really giving life a real go?

…rather than living the majority of our lives, experiencing the gift, the present moment, because we are focused on what we love or were naturally talented at doing

We are all here to create, we all CREATED our circumstances in our lives, albeit we were heavily influenced by society and conditioning

We learn what we love by participating in as many activities we can! By getting out of our houses and living life!

Is your life situation now, one in which each week, the most joyous sound you hear is your own voice internally saying those words “THANK god it’s 5pm Friday”!!

Do you LOVE your life, those sharing it with you and what you are doing with most of your time? Are you working on things that in doing so, will let your spirit soar?

Is you MIND free from worry (at least most of the time), is your BODY free from all dis-ease – all sickness, and is your spirit therefore able to inhabit your mind and body fully, and thus FREE to EXPRESS, grow, share, love and be totally who you are, and created your life dreams you had as a child which you have now convinced yourself you don’t have…

For many of us, at home, in schools and all of main stream society and media, ‘Love’ has been taught to us to be a physical action we share with someone special – and we try to have good emotions towards each other

We are often not sufficiently (if at all) taught the philosophies of REAL love – for ourselves and with others

Most people wouldn’t say when asked, “what is love”, that “love is the desire and willingness to be totally emotional vulnerable and connected, to ourselves,: it’s about Connection to another a person, a being, is not widely taught

The teaching of connection is limited, because most of us haven’t a clue what it is, much less experienced it for ourselves

MOST importantly, we don’t understand connection because our 3 dimensional being, MIND, BODY and SPIRIT do not have a harmonious relationships with each other

Our minds, hurt, we have thoughts that don’t serve us

Many of our bodies are weak, unfit, inflexible and consistently being poised by our actions and put down in our minds, our thinking

To connect with our selves, or someone or something, to have unconditional love; we must first be able to connect with and have love for ourselves – love for our bodies, our minds and our spirit must be free

How long can look yourself in a mirror into your own eyes, and keep all your thoughts and feelings about you – constructive, uplifting and kind?

If it’s not for long, you may be lacking on the ‘unconditional’ side of the unconditional love equation – we all have times where we do lack this


Wouldn’t we all love to have a deep and meaningful, harmonious relationship with ourselves and everything and one around us?

It’s tough, maintaining harmonious relationships with ourselves that are aware enough to keep our thoughts from destroying our lives – our bodies, our environment, our world

We all want to experience enduring freedom from pain creating habits we adopt so we can live a good, long, healthy and prosperous life, one we can fully enjoy with all other people and things we encounter (what we attract is in a vibrational/energy frequency that we put out into the universe, courtesy of who we are at any present moment

But, because we don’t understand love, (that love is doing what we enjoy, not what numbs us so we don’t feel) we continue to do things that make it even harder to be free – because our unconscious thoughts and actions are those of a lowers vibrational frequency, sometimes so low it is simply a basic animalistic existence

Surely this is a most dire question;  am I living my life just for base impulse, short lived pleasures, food, TV, sex rather than correctly accessing my energy to thrive!

How can we give up compulsive TV/SCREEN-TIME, NON-FOODS/DRUGS, ALCOHOL, NEGATIVE THINKING, over indulgence in any of the five senses in a non constructive manner – misusing our creativity energy and REALISE our dreams?

How can we give up these things, these time fillers, and mind numbing activities or lack there of, when they comfort us in a way, it’s what we know – and we use to fill the void we would otherwise feel more intensely

How can we give up vices that hold us captive in our own bodies, and prisoners of our own minds, when they the very things we use to fill voids we had created earlier in the day or week by betraying what we really want to do, and who we want to be – the void we created from wasting hours NOT doing what we love, day after day!

Instead we may be going to jobs are not in line with our creative spirits, where an hour sometimes feels like a day, or perhaps we keep doing things to our bodies that harm them, sometimes even consciously unaware

We all at times, do or have done things which are not in harmony with our bodies, minds and what our spirits are naturally drawn to

In doing this what happens is we suppress and ‘give up‘, parts of who we are, what we want to do in life (and try to bullshit ourselves that we don’t have dreams, are unworthy of any we may be aware we have, or incapable of ever doing what we really want, who the hell are we to try???)

EVERY SINGLE person has dreams that are so much BIGGER than what conditioned society, collective mass consciousness believes is possible! I CERTAINLY do.

The past 4+ years of coaching for me have really all been going towards me believing it’s possible to live these dreams!! I have been educating and going to seminars, and reading books for the better part of a decade (I am a mere youngster at 29)

I have learned that humans have global desires:

We have all been conditioned, Programmed but want to break free

We want our bodies back! To be healthy and not addicted to poisons & ‘non-foods’

We want our relationships blissful – especially with our selves so we are FREE

We want to understand wealth and create it – seeing people in poverty is painful!!

We want to be successful

We want to RISE and…

We want to LIFT up those whose lives we can, to touch the hearts of people, other creatures, plants and the beautiful earth we live on

I decided to create something to help myself, and whoever I can live a life that is FREE!

It’s interim name is:

 How to wake th* f* UP -  

using life Questions 

This is not a program, but rather an UN-program

It’s purpose is to deprogram myself (building this, working with brilliant people and using it’s principles are precisely how I did it), and the 90% who are living life hurting, not free, but enslaved to impulses, our bodies, and our minds

The goal is to help everyone who is ready, to have harmonius relationships between mind, body and spirit

This is how it works (sneak peak):

UN-programming the MIND things learned from our upbringing/parents,  and conditioning tools (school, jobs and other factors)


UN-programming the BODY – releasing emotions which we have held as burdens since we were children (e-motion = ENERGY in motion)

As children when we expresses emotions – we are learning first, what emotions are – they are so powerful – we cannot control them

Energy cannot be created or destroyed – It can be harnessed, channeled, stored, released (it is everywhere, it is everything)

This in mind, when child is born into this our unconscious world we live in (that is slowly waking), often they are punished at home, or at school for expressing ‘inconvenient’, or ‘naughty’ emotions or ‘the wrong’ emotions at the wrong time

When I child has a tantrum, the experience not having something they want, or having to do something they don’t want to in the shopping center for example, and is punished for doing so – the emotion is STORED!

As adults, we have already been conditioned – we know to be ORDERLY, there are social ‘so called NORMS’ that keep us from killing each other – and they are necessary

So when our children have a tantrum and not draw attention to us (or so I have observed I am not a parent yet) we perhaps feel embarrassed and not know how to deal with another being, this child who is learning to express the emotion of, not getting what they want

This is because we were once the child who was taught and indeed, punished, if we expressed the wrong emotion at the wrong time – we were emotionally suppressed

You must release that emotion to RAISE your emotional intelligence!

The reason this is the focus of the course is that, when your mind and body are no longer conditioned – NOW that we are ADULTS – we have the POWER to UN-program useless ‘shit’ programing we were giving that is running, and INDEED RUINING our lives.

We are able to then, CREATE exactly the life we want!!


I will keep posting updates and snip-its of the program and tips how you can unconditioned your mind, body and free your spirit so you can live how you want and help those you meet to do the same


About Christopher Zuidam

My passions are: human potential/psychology/self-development, skateboarding, Jiu Jitsu playing just about any sport, adventure/being active, travelling, learning, the studying and playing of musical instruments including voice and digitally music. I study by my own means, self-development books, seminars, audio learning and with like minded people. The purpose of Growth for Success is: 1. To promote on a massive scale, releasing mind, body, and spirit from social, insane conditioning (we call normal) 2. Growth and learning, internally and externally and teaching others 2. Education on the TRUTH about health and fitness, healing in body and mind, releasing the human spirit to soar 4. Teaching how to have intimate free spirited relationships with everyone and everything
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