We can not control our thoughts

We do not control our thoughts. This goes against everything we are taught!

We’re told we should ‘control our thoughts’ and thus our behaviour and therefore our actions and results.
How can I show you that you are not in control of what you think?

Technically, I can’t but you can see for yourself, by EXPERIENCING it. Try this simple test:

Ask yourself this question; ‘what will my next thought be’? After asking the question, sit and observe your thoughts and write down the exact thought that came to you first.

Try to predict what you will think (do this a few times).

As I am sure you will find, you DON’T control what will come to you.

We don’t know what thought will come to us. We can’t control it.
How do we control what cannot be controlled? Can you control the tides of the ocean? Nope, and it’s the same with thoughts.

The human being does have the ability to channel thoughts, thus it appears we create them.

While we can’t choose precisely what thought we have, we can ‘influence the direction’ of our thoughts.

Someone who plays hours of piano each day, what is it likely they will think about often?

An athlete training for hours a day, do you think that training will be a subject in their mind often?

For sure!

It’s helpful to note that often we believe– WE create our thoughts – but we don’t (we create environments conducive to certain types of thoughts). But, we are not responsible for the creation of the thought.

No, thoughts come to us through the aether/infinite intelligence (whatever you want to call it). They arise from no-where, are created out of NO THING and they come TO us – they are not created BY us!

Do you truly believe you control your thoughts? How is that so if we don’t even CHOOSE our next thought, moment to moment, they just come to us? Not only do we not choose them, we don’t even know what they will be. We also can’t control IF we do have thoughts or not – they just keep coming – we cannot TURN OFF our thinking.

The main time we direct, at least the general direction of our thoughts is when we FOCUS intently on our conscious thinking – on a particular thought we WANT to have (or indeed, do not want to have) and this takes a GREAT deal of presence and energy to sustain.

It takes considerably MORE energy and awareness to sustain thoughts of a nature that are totally the opposite of what our habitual way of feeling is. As an example, if you more often than not feel anxious, holding a feeling of love (without using some of the techniques I have listed in the latter part of this blog) is VERY, hard, and almost feels impossible!

We have all heard of trying not to think of a pink elephant…. and what comes to the screen of the mind? You betcha, a pink elephant will appear.

When we monitor and consciously direct our thoughts as best we can, we seem to have control – but even then, we don’t know what we will think from one moment to the next.

Apart from when we are intently conscious/focused on our thoughts, the remainder of the time, our thinking minds work on AUTO-PILOT (they work on auto pilot while we observe too, however we seem to be directing them).
If you observe you’re thinking, a thought will come to you! If you observe for quite some time, you will notice such a wide variety of thoughts.

If you really believe you CAN control your thoughts, try to stop having any thoughts for 5 minutes.
Most of us are lucky to last 30 seconds without thoughts popping back into our minds. The exciting thing about this is that thoughts are infinite in their potential and can be about anything. Any human on this planet is capable of having any thought, and thus the actions that thought leads to, and also achieving any corresponding results!

We do not control our lives, we don’t control anything really. … though we like to think we do.
When it’s our time to die on this physical plane, we die. We don’t choose.

We like to think we are ‘above’ nature – that there is nature and in it’s own special category, we have the ‘human being; – the ‘more-important’ creature (look at how we treat other creatures we call food).

Many of us see ourselves as a separate entity, a special exception to nature.

But we are part of nature! We must remember this to heal, to become more present.

This is all very interesting but how does understanding that we are not truly in control of our thoughts each moment – HELP us?

It helps in a number of ways.
First we gain the understanding that thoughts come TO us not FROM us.

The ‘TYPES OF THOUGHTS’ or what we could call ‘quality of thoughts’ we have, CAN be INFLUENCED a great deal by us changing our FEELINGS, the VIBRATION that we are tuned into.

We want to aim for the feeling we want to feel, which will create an environment for the THOUGHTS on the same vibrational/emotional level to inhabit our bodies and therefore our minds.

Look at those who have very little and are GRATEFUL. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations, coming second only to the highest which is LOVE.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have FEAR – which is the lowest vibration. All kind of atrocities happen because of fear, not least, conformity.

Fear of not having income, causes many to stay in work that is perhaps not a dream career. Fear of being alone causes many of us to remaining in relationships (including the one with ourselves) that are not uplifting, that don’t really serve us.

Remember, fear and love are emotions – they are states of vibration and what determines our thoughts? OUR most often held, feelings, our VIBRATION, our emotions.

You may have heard of ‘The Secret’ a very successful movie and book series about one of the ‘secondary’ universal laws: ‘the law of attraction’. The law of attraction, IE the thoughts we attract, the ‘circumstances’ we attract are EXACTLY in line with the state of vibration we are in.

What this means is, rather than try to change our THINKING we can focus on our VIBRATION (feeling) within our bodies.
So you may be thinking, great Chris, how does this help me?

It helps in this way: we cannot experience a consistent flow of ‘good/enjoyable/constructive/helpful’ thoughts – when we are in a lower state of vibration.

Nikola Tesla said, ‘if you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’.
The ‘secret’ to thoughts that help us is to have our bodies in a higher state of vibration.

So the question we need to answer is: what creates a higher state of vibration?
Before going over a few quick tips to increase vibration lest first get some understanding of ‘vibration’.

Our vibration in the body and mind is easily observed by tuning in to how we FEEL/our emotions. The emotions we feel most of the time are reflection of our dominant state of vibration.

Feeling sad often, lonely or perhaps you are really happy, vibrant, inspired, at peace.
How you feel comes from the sub-conscious mind (the body).

Feelings/Emotions are energy in motion within the body – E = energy + motion = moving.

Different emotions are experienced at different frequencies, different states of vibration in the body.

To increase your vibration here are some tips (BEST TO DO THEM DAILY) or for as often as you want your emotions being at a higher level, thus facilitating a good space for your thoughts to ALSO be of a higher vibration:

ONE: Sing a happy, uplifting song you love and dance to it (movement is key)

TWO: Get your body into really good health. Love your body, put mostly raw and unprocessed, WHOLE foods that are alive (plants) into your body and MOVE your body every day. Even a walk around the block can do wonders.

THREE: Yoga (YouTube search it) – one of the best ways to raise your consciousness – and the only know way to massage and in doing so, help to heal and detoxify your internal organs (the twisting poses do so the most)

FOUR: Meditation – guided if you are beginner (YouTube search it also)

FIVE: Doing what you love! For me it’s writing, music, moving the body (although it is universal, the easiest way to ‘find ourselves, to return home’ is to do so through the body)

SIX: Company – be around people who inspire, lift, and support and nurture you

SEVEN: ENVIRONMENT – being in nature, a walk on the beach, sitting in a park or a forest is a very quick way to raise your vibration. As we are beings of nature, when we go out into nature, rather than spending/wasting all day inside a building, we start to align our vibration with that of nature – the highest vibration there is.

EIGHT: Change your physiology – just sitting upright will raise your spirit and make you FEEL more confident – which of course – feeling is a vibration.

NINE: Learn something new or improve on something you already know. Experience and learning is what we are here for. What else is life about? Hording items that we must leave when we move out of our physical bodies? Experience is life.

TEN: DEEP breathing. This is why movement is so good – it helps us deep breathe, especially when we actually exert ourselves. The harder the work out the more we must breathe deeply, which is the number 1 way our body detoxes, through the breath! Do you work in an office or shop or another building most of the day? How much recycled, unnatural air do you re-breathe all day – that and ‘air-conditioned’ air weaken the lungs – but by deep breathing in nature, we do the reverse.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks for readying. Give it a bump if it helped, and follow me for more posts, where I will delve further into the mind, thought and life.

In closing, please remember, while we cannot choose the exact thoughts we will have – each of us none-the-less, responsible for our own lives. We CAN improve our vibration, therefore improving our thoughts.

I wish you peace, love, and growth in mind body and spirit

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About Christopher Zuidam

My passions are: human potential/psychology/self-development, skateboarding, Jiu Jitsu playing just about any sport, adventure/being active, travelling, learning, the studying and playing of musical instruments including voice and digitally music. I study by my own means, self-development books, seminars, audio learning and with like minded people. The purpose of Growth for Success is: 1. To promote on a massive scale, releasing mind, body, and spirit from social, insane conditioning (we call normal) 2. Growth and learning, internally and externally and teaching others 2. Education on the TRUTH about health and fitness, healing in body and mind, releasing the human spirit to soar 4. Teaching how to have intimate free spirited relationships with everyone and everything
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