Growth, Gratitude and remaining Calm


The purpose of life is to grow, to expand and to experience all we can. We grow physically from the day we are born. We begin in a very vulnerable state, as infants we are not capable of feeding or caring for ourselves; our survival is totally reliant on our parents/caregivers/society.

Then we become toddlers and we wish to explore. EVERYTHING! Indeed, for the first years of our lives, it’s our caregivers duty to prevent us having an early death – just because we are so curious and want to learn, to touch, smell, see, hear, feel, discover new things – and we have no perception of danger, and very little fear. The only two natural fears we are born with are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

Have you ever wanted to try something new, but been to uncertain?

When you where a child you weren’t, but then social conditioning happened.

I will be covering more in how to de-condition your mind, body and release your inner child’s spirit into the world again (currently for most of us, it’s locked away in your mind and body from years of toxic food, and painful unprocessed emotions).



Living a ‘good life’ starts with Gratitude! We start with gratitude and slowly but surely move to love.

This is where to begin increasing your vibration!! It is so powerful. How do you feel when you are appreciating something beautiful, what you have, nature, your family, your life?

Pretty amazing! Conversely how do you feel when you are focused on what is missing or what you ‘should have’ but don’t, something you believe yourself entitled to? Rather average.

The thing is, we are not entitled to ANYTHING. Despite society thinking they are entitled, we are not even entitled to live. It is a GIFT that we are even alive, a miracle called nature.

We cannot control our thoughts, and most certainly cannot think of being grateful every moment of the day.
As such, it’s our vibration we must work on to increase the type of thoughts our minds RECEIVE and the energies our bodies are tuned in to. To increase our general thinking/quality of or thought we must raise our vibration within the body.

We do this by improving our health – which is done by being GRATEFUL for our bodies thus taking CARE of them. We also raise our vibration though embracing self-care not just of the body, but of our minds, our emotional freedom from past pain, and by unlocking the SEVEN energy centres or Chakras in the body. This allows energy to flow freely!

The mind must be cared for too, and in caring for the body, the mind will dramatically increase in it’s potency.

The bringer of all that is good, pleasant, beautiful in life, and conversely, the opposite of gratitude – taking for granted what we have is a most damaging force, are both – states of VIBRATION.
Being ungrateful is sure to take even that which we do have, away, our health, our relationships, our houses, our material possessions.

Let’s also remember not to be possessed by our possessions, programed by low vibrational TV or Netflix shows (those that cause damage to the mind such as shows riddled with intense violence and gore.

On a cognitive level – using simple logic, it is easy to understand how consistently giving thanks for something makes you feel better, makes you feel safer and happier. You feel that life is RIGHT.

As I once read; “if you are not happy and grateful with what you have now, what makes you think you deserve or would be happy with more”?

We live in a world of consumerism; there is no doubt about that. Simply observe the scores of people, cuing at shops as the newest smartphone is released, (even if they cannot fit it in their budget) many of whom have mobiles that are already in good condition and more than serving their needs satisfactorily.

The universe works on laws. Gravity is a law. As is the law of motion. Gratitude can be directly linked to the law of attraction which is a secondary law, as stated, to the law of vibration which really is THE law of the universe.
Everything is in a state of constant vibration – including ‘solid’ objects. The higher the vibration, the better the FEELING we have.

Nikola Tesla said it right, “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Being un-thankful makes you feel BAD (which is simply, you are in a low vibrational state). This attracts thoughts of a like NATURE. The worse you feel the easier it is for your thoughts to be destructive, painful, fearful.

The better you feel, the more your thoughts will be constructive, creative and loving.

When you feel bad and consequently, lower your vibration/the frequency of your reality, what you attract to your life, experiences, people, ‘circumstances’ all those things are coming to you because you have a low vibration.

Look at the people who earn the least (especially those in less privileged areas) in a socio-economic context. Often living in government housing, alcoholism, gambling much money they do not have to gamble, and violence are all more rampart in poorer families (obviously not in all) but it is statistically more common, especially Western society.

Commonly mistaken is that ‘money’ is the root of all evil, but actually it is poverty which is horrible to live in, I would know, having embraced it myself in my youth.

Money is neither good nor bad, it is neutral until someone has it. A ‘good’ person (someone who is in a state of loving vibration) will do good things with money. Someone who is ‘bad’ (is in a lot of pain and fear) will do ‘bad’ things with money.

How would I know? I have lived in these housing complexes and personally experienced how poverty can affect everything, lack of education, poor health and much more. Having gratitude raises you out of poverty! We only DESERVE more by being grateful for that which we already have.


It has been said that being calm in any situation, is the most spiritual practice, and management of every situation.
When you consider this, it has a profound truth behind it.

Ever wanted to start your own business? Or try you skills at a new sport or activity and been too afraid to do it?
Remaining calm, no matter the situation is the best way to get a good outcome. I have been tested and as I seek challenge, and seek growth, I am often tested on this powerful character trait.

Calmness is the space in which to be to achieve what you want and keep away decisions that will get you what you don’t want.

So how do we remain calm?
Personally I am very fond of Stoicism for this reason – it helps you remain calm. Stoicism was founded by Zeon of Citium. Stoicism is a Hellenistic philosophy was used in ancient Rome and Greece.

Very briefly, stoicism makes use of logic and thought, focusing on learning how to not being controlled by our fears or base stimuli/short-lived pleasures.

It has a strong focus on imagining the waste case scenarios of any situation that is causing us grief in a CALM – and logically way. To be a stoic means working out and coming to a realisation that MOST situations we imagine as BAD or TERRIBLE are not NEARLY as bad as the we imagine they are in our minds (which LOVES to magnify POSSIBLE but UNLIKELY devastating outcomes, in every area of life).

There is MUCH more to stoicism than that (I cover more on Stoicism in a subsequent blog – keep an eye out for it).
Another way to remain calm is to deep breathe. It brings us back to REALITY and not the realities our minds like to create when the mind decides the present moment isn’t good enough, not interesting enough.

We always have the capacity to deal with emergencies when they come up – but the phantom problems the mind likes to make cannot be dealt with because they are not even real.
Peace and love to you. Thanks for reading.

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About Christopher Zuidam

My passions are: human potential/psychology/self-development, skateboarding, Jiu Jitsu playing just about any sport, adventure/being active, travelling, learning, the studying and playing of musical instruments including voice and digitally music. I study by my own means, self-development books, seminars, audio learning and with like minded people. The purpose of Growth for Success is: 1. To promote on a massive scale, releasing mind, body, and spirit from social, insane conditioning (we call normal) 2. Growth and learning, internally and externally and teaching others 2. Education on the TRUTH about health and fitness, healing in body and mind, releasing the human spirit to soar 4. Teaching how to have intimate free spirited relationships with everyone and everything
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