The currency of the universe is energy

The currency of the universe is energy.

Thought is energy that permeates all space and time. Feelings are powerful energy which motivate us to do both what is good and beneficial and also that which is unhelpful. Empowering emotions inspire helpful actions – causing growth, and dis-empowering/painful emotions can often do the reverse, although occasionally we can use them to increase our awareness.

The higher in quality the feeling, the more energy it has. Hopelessness is a very low-energy and its polar opposite ‘hope’ is very high-energy.

We are literally investing our energy into each thought, emotion as consequent action or inaction by means of our focus and intention (or lack of focus/intention). The better quality energy paid, the greater the compensation, the more flourishing our lives become.

On thought:

“If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”
Peace Pilgrim (M L Norman)

Thought is so powerful. It is the 1st ingredient in the 3 part recipe which makes up our Attitude.
Our attitude is comprised of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

The foundational universal (hermetic) law is ‘the law of mentalism’. Definition of the law:

“Everything in creation first exists in the mind/everything is created twice, once in the mind, then in the physical world”. Put another way, “The all (everything) is mind, the universe is mental”. Certainly a great deal of our experiences are experienced in the mind, and life is first person. Our five senses and belief system are the filters which determine how we perceive events, people, other sentient beings and inanimate objects. The sixth sense also filters our experience, the greater we have developed this – the better our intuition.

We are three dimensional beings, we are mental (mind), physical (body) and spirit (energy, that which makes up everything). Both the physical and mental are comprised of different forms of this ingredient (energy). In the physical world we call energy matter. In the realm of the mind, this energy is called thought and in the body it is emotion.

Emotion is the connection between the physical and the mental, psyche and soma, and comes from the heart. Thought and the meaning we give to our thoughts create emotion. The electromagnetic field of the heart is 100 times more powerful than that of the brain, and emotion comes from the heart, thought from the mind though both influence the other.

Energy which we can perceive with our five senses, touch, taste, smell, sound and sight are what we use to interact with the physical universe/matter.

Matter is energy which is vibrating at different speeds (frequency) of which there are infinite possibilities.
The speed of vibration at which the matter being observed determines its frequency, which of course for us is experienced through our senses. Things such as colour, taste, smell and so on.

Thoughts are also vibratory in nature – energy moving, so too are E-motions – ENERGY in motion.

Thoughts absolutely are things, just as much as physical objects! Indeed they are much more powerful!
Thoughts are however more ethereal in their makeup and therefore not given the respect that they deserve, due to our lack of understanding. Consequently when we do not regard our thoughts as the creators of our experience, we struggle. When we place the responsibility of our reality and experience on exterior circumstances or people, we give away our creative power.

Thoughts are gifts that just COME to us out of nowhere. The frequency which we are tuned into (our attitude – how we are feeling, what we are thinking, and the actions we are taking) determines that TYPES of thoughts that come to us automatically when we are NOT being conscious of our thinking. The automatic thoughts we have, or as N Hill put it, “auto-suggestion” determines our emotional trajectory and thus our actions.

The faculties of the mind are how we interpret thoughts, the 6th sense, intuition is part of that. The higher self connects thought and the physical (mind-body, thought-emotion).

The different speeds of vibration of energy allow us to have an unlimited number of experiences, that of being able to create physical objects (cars, technology), feelings in the body (experiences), thoughts in the mind.

Thought is the precursor to feelings we experience. Thoughts when combined with feelings of the same nature are the precursor to the actions or lack thereof, which we take.

Everything we do is to feel a certain way, or avoid feeling a certain way thus the importance of becoming emotionally involved with our thoughts cannot be overstated.

Emotional involvement with our mind SUPERCHARGES the thought and is the only way to empower thought to the point in which we will take action, and also gives the BODY the energy to do so.

It is also important to note that many of us are carry vast amounts of unprocessed emotions. These are often limiting in the nature, when they are feelings of fear, sadness, guilt, shame – and depression (anger turned inwards, anger which has not been honoured nor given expression allowing release).

When we are carrying unprocessed emotions (which are of a painful nature), it is much harder to use thought in the way it is was intended to be used – to create, and successfully and EASILY tune into our desired reality/experience on each of the three plains on which we exist – the reality which we want to experience, what we call our – lives.

Certain frequencies only allow energy of their own kind endure. Joyous thoughts, feelings and actions perpetuate more of their own kind, easily, naturally. Sad thoughts attract sad emotions, and actions which cause more sadness.

This is not to say when you are sad, ignore it. Indeed it is in the ignoring of painful emotions, which causes us to hold onto them and indeed – BECOME them – or so it feels.

Emotions exist for a reason. They are literally sign posts that tell us the nature of the thoughts we are having subconsciously when we are focused on other tasks, not observing our mind and self-talk. It is impossible to observe every thought we have – and therefore it is much more effective to pay attention to emotions, how we feel.

We can then decide if how we feel is what we want – and if not, when we are being present and aware of our thoughts (by observation, not judging them) we are able to redirect them to more empowering, and helpful thoughts.
Enthusiasm and hopeful thoughts put us on a higher level of vibration which brings more of the same thoughts, emotions/feelings, and actions into our reality.

Emotion is made of the same thing as what we can perceive on the physical plain as matter (energy) – but is a different type of energy. Like thoughts, emotions are very real and must be honoured. They too, like thoughts create much of the results in our lives. Thoughts + feelings + action = results.

Emotions, being energy cannot be created nor destroyed, they can be processed (expressed and allowed to move on) or stored in the body. You wouldn’t store rubbish in your house, it goes in the trash, so why store emotions that are harmful in our bodies?

Limiting stored emotions create a reality that hampers our productivity and happiness.
As human beings, we are literally channels. We are capable of channelling different types of energy, thoughts, and feelings and are capable of taking action.
In order to take action……….

We must channel thoughts of the nature that are in line with the OUTCOME we desire, focus on the EMOTION we want to feel as a result of that action, and the act. If we want to go to the gym, we must first think the thought of going there or nothing will happen.

We must emotionalise the thought, with an EMPOWERING emotion, and then act.

Our bodies won’t transform without thought. Action will not happen without emotion, especially enduring action..
We must feel the feeling of how great we will feel if we go, once we finish our workout – and not focus on the one of the likely challenge of going – or we will remain stationary and not act.
We combine emotion with the thought (or remain inactive).

In the individual who has not cleared past hurts, significant amounts of stored emotion are ‘triggered’ by any of the same type of emotion of that which is stored. So someone who experiences a lot of sadness as a child, and wasn’t given a safe space to process that, anytime they see something sad – they will break down.

They feel the sadness that is within them, waiting to be released. Similarly if you were angry a lot, (not being able to control something but wanting to) and didn’t process that, anything that would cause a person who has a healthy anger will cause you to explode. The cat meowing, a driver tailgating you….
No one truly is that offended by such basic and trivial matters – it is triggering that is happening here.

It is also very common to be ‘addicted’ to emotions we have experienced – the reactive/survival part of the mind tries to protect us. It belives experiences we are familiar with are ‘safe’, it doesn’t matter if they are painful – they are know. As Les Brown says, “many of us prefer know hells, to unknown heavens”.

This is why I advocate for growth and call my blog

Growth is the only know way to push us, to stretches our comfort zone – it increases what is possible for us. Past pain can also much more easily be released from higher levels of consciousness – and growth helps us to raise our awareness.

Raising our awareness is the process of shining a light on the unconscious, making in conscious. This process is called growth.

Triggers are very useful when deciding where to aim the power of our focus and intention, when we understand that they are guiding us to that which needs attention.

Everything still begins with a thought, an idea. Thought to change is required to clear the past hurts, short-comings and feelings that we are not enough in who we are, which many of us feel – when we are not living our lives with purpose – zest and growing.

We must have the thought of, ‘I want to heal and release emotion which is holding me back, I want to grow past perpetuating self-sabotage. I want to release the fear of failure, and certainly the more common, and debilitating fear of success (who are we to shine?). We are people, worthy of shining, and it is through doing so that we help others see it is possible for them, and give them permission to do so.

LIKE attracts LIKE

There is an indescribable benefit of understanding that in the realm of energy, like attracts like and works much the same as a dial does when tuning into the desired radio station you want.
There was a popular movie on this subject called ‘The Secret’ which focused on the law of attraction. It was correct in many ways, thoughts attract like thoughts. Building on that, the law of attraction is a secondary law, and operates on the law of vibration.

The law of vibration states that everything in the universe vibrates, nothing stays still. Even inanimate objects are vibration, just at a much slower speed which we cannot perceive with our five physical senses. A sixth sense, intuition, understanding is required to grasp the concept of vibration.

We literally TUNE into the reality we are living. We tune into fear, or love. We tune into poverty or wealth in all its forms and we tune into HEALTH or DIS-EASE.
The dial which we use to tune – is our attitude – Thoughts – feelings – actions.
All energy vibrates. Thoughts of a certain nature have a vibratory value. Positive, empowering thoughts such as inspiration, love, interest, enthusiasm, hope, belief and compassion vibrate at much higher speeds than the less empowering feelings that exist.

The former are on a much higher frequency and attract more of their kind, very effectively. The law of sowing and reaping applies here too. It has been said that ‘Misery loves company’. Correctly said, ‘misery attracts misery’. ‘Joy also loves company; however it attracts the companionship of others who will accept nothing but a life, predominantly filled with joy’.
The thoughts you GIVE attention to will expand. Remember, the currency of the universe is energy.
What you give away – what you give to the universe in thought, feeling and action WILL be returned to you.
Higher speeds of vibration release more energy – considerably more – EXPONENTIALLY more!!

How much energy does a person whose attitude is apathetic or hopeless have? Not much at all. How much energy does someone who is doing what they LOVE with their loves, performing at the top of their game, in something they have boundless passion for?

A professional sports person, dancer, artist, and musician? The energy they have literally attracts hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of followers – and ENERGISES them!

Focus is energy and therefore is currency. The more intention and sustenance we give to our focus, the more VALUABLE it is – it begins to gain momentum – it endures. We are literally propelled by our intention – the ‘WHY’ behind our thoughts, feelings and actions.

What the ‘The Secret’ didn’t emphases as much is that thoughts are one piece the puzzle. Emotion and action must also be in vibrational alignment to attract, realise, and bring into our lives that which we want.

If you think about building wealth but you ‘feel’ that you never have enough money, of feel money is evil (rather than understanding it is neutral, people either act evil or good); you will act in ways which perpetuate poverty.
Your thoughts alone, while they are the seeds of creation, will diminish in power if they are not watered with the nutrient of wealth creating emotions and then, actions.

It’s not possible to hold an empowering thought for any significant duration as to bring about the realising of it without ALSO raising your emotional state to the same level of the thought. Repetition of a thought will help with this – and persistence is the key for repetition.

Putting pen to paper – in the form of writing specific goals is the key for persistence. Desire is where it all begins. We have a thought, we desire something. Depending on that desire, if it is a MUST or if it is a ‘that would be nice’ will depend on our persistence.

We must also know why we want our goal. Remember the first question a child asks is ‘why’? Mosyt of us as adults have been conditioned in such a way that we just listen…. We obey without questioning, why?
When EMOTION and THOUGHT are combined in harmony (that is to say, they are synonymous, congruent) INSPIRED ACTION is the natural result.

You cannot think about being interested in any subject of empowerment if your dominant feeling is hopelessness (you have a great deal of emotional pain stored in your body).

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“If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”
Peace Pilgrim (M L Norman)

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