Going forward, with out 50% forward, 50% back…

50% toward our desires – then 50% away, is this your experience?
Why does this happen? Confusion and disorder of the only three things we can do is the cause.
The three things we can do are: We can THINK, we can FEEL and we can ACT.

Many of us are programmed with disorder, chaos and beliefs that are NOT factually true…
However, what we belief MUST be real in our experience. As it has been said, whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are correct.

There can be no enduring success, growth or moving forward in life without order; order of thought, emotion and action.

Thought CHOSEN by means of GOAL written down and reread daily.
Feelings chosen, with intention – with FOCUS. What we focus on GROWS, EXPANDS.
Focusing on HOW we want to feel, and clarifying the thoughts that will help us feel that way we want to is a great start.

Acting, taking action on our goals. It’s by acting on our dreams, our goals, that we release more of the unlimited energy we have inside our bodies, which are a mass of energy, and this allows us to take more action.
A popular coaching tool I have been exposed to is: Potential – Action – Result – belief.

The greatest potential we have lies within our sub-conscious mind. We program our sub-conscious mind through the use of our conscious/reasoning mind – and that is the ability to think, to imagine – to create images in our mind of how we want our lives to be.

When we hold these images in our mind and add empowering emotions to them, such as excitement, love, faith or any of the other mind stimuli as mentioned by Napoleon Hill’s amazing book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (preferably one of the eight empowering rather than the two disempowering minds stimuli) we ‘colour’ thought and give that thought over to our sub-conscious mind which is a habitual mind.

Our sub-conscious mind is the part of us that controls our body for 95% of the things we do, the thoughts we think and the actions we take every day.

Like a computer, we are programmed to live the way we are living, to think the thoughts we think, feel the way we feel and act the way we act.

We are programmed physically through genetics and much more so by our environment. In order to experience more joy and freedom physically, we already know what we need: WHOLE natural FOODS. This means eating mainly vegetables, seeds, legumes, fruits, healthy plant based fats. We know we need good quality sufficient sleep, exercise regularly (I find daily is best for me), and people around us who support our goals are positive.

Mentally we are programmed, through years of conditioning at school, from our parents, society, churches, clubs, our jobs and especially from people who are in a position of power in our lives – anyone older than us, before we reach the age of reason – that is to say, our formative years (most experts agree this age is around 0- 5 or 7 years of age).

The biggest conditioning tool we have of course as we grow older is our beloved television, now IPADS, phones, social media. We become what we think about, if we are watching too much negative televisions such as the ‘news’, violence filled shows, it affects us, much more than we realise.

Emotionally we are programmed by the above too. We literally become addicted (feel safe) to feeling the emotions, which have been our most dominant ones in our lives.

If it is fear, guilt, sadness, we look for TV shows, situations and interpret events in ways that cause us to feel these emotions. They are low vibrational (bad/unpleasant feeling emotions), but as Les Brown says, ‘most of us prefer known hells, to unknown heavens’. Most of us have tuned out to our dominant feelings, and are perilously unaware of how we feel most of the days.

In thought, feeling and actions LIKE attracts LIKE. Indeed, we can only have experiences for the most part, in line with our dominant vibrational state (level of consciousness). Low vibrational feelings such as fear and sadness, cause all the circumstances that reinforce these feelings – poverty, bad/loveless relationships, ill-health, jobs that drain our spiritual energy and so on.

On low vibrational realities we convince ourselves we are happy in jobs in which we are miserable. If you fear Monday morning and must ‘Thank God it’s Friday” every week, you too are in the river of De-Nile as I was for a long time.

We are often sitting at a desk for hours, slowly dying, using all our energy to try to engage in something we have no interest in. Our food also programs us to a lower vibration. We are addicted to what we have eaten most. We are addicted to thoughts of a nature of those which we have thought the most – whether they are helpful or not matters not to our sub-conscious. Whatever has gone into it through repetition will manifest through our body in the way of ‘feelings’, which will determine our actions and therefore, is responsible for producing our results.

Emotion SPEEDS up the vibration of thought (when it is empowering) or makes it back track (if it is disempowering) – and thought is the all-powerful seed to every creation we make in our lives. We are creating every second of every day, make no mistake about it. However we are usually creating what we DON’T want by default as we have no GOALS and DEFINITE plan on what we want to create. We MUST hold our goals in our minds as often as possible.

Thoughts of “I CAN DO THIS”, I believe in myself and so forth when mixed with the emotion of faith/belief (which is created by repetition) are much more powerful than mere words.
Being a 3 dimensional being, a spiritual creature, who has a mind (intellect) and who lives in a physical body, we must embrace the only three things we can do.

We can think – thought is the beginning of all things. Thought is an idea, negative or positive.
Repetition of any thought becomes fixed in our sub-conscious mind (our emotions live here).
Our emotions cause us to ACT – or avoid acting – which causes our results.
50 percent towards, 50 percent away from our desires.

One step back, one step forward, and often one and a half steps back. This is not the natural way to progress, though many of us, especially, me have believed this to be the way life is….
This is the unnatural digression >90% of us take…

The natural state of the human being is to grow, we have infinite potential. Children and nature, our greatest teachers and both the former and the latter do this instinctively, freely, that is until we are programmed to do otherwise in our environment! A tree grows to as large and wide as it possibly can.

Humans greatest growth is in mind, which allows the body to grow in strength and fitness too.
Yet we stop growing mentally at a very young age, as early adults and often conform to a job, which is repetitive and not stimulating growth.

How can you tell if you are growing in your career (which takes up 33% or more of our hours in life)?
Simply this, are you bored, are you ‘comfortable’, do you KNOW it back to front? If yes, you are not growing.
A child learns an entire language by the time they are 5-7 years of age, JUST BY OBSERVING US with their five physical senses, sight, hearing, especially in this instance, and having a go. They do so without the need of schooling!!

They are multi-lingual if they grow up in a home that speaks multiple languages!! We become a product of our environment, there is no doubt about this.

As Zig Ziglar has said, “we are what we are, we are where we are, because of what has gone into our minds”.
We are programmed/conditioned by the food we eat and the stimuli that comes to us through our five senses, sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Any thought we hold in our minds repeatedly and emotionalise, becomes fixed in our sub-conscious/conditioned/subjective mind.

The sub-conscious mind is where the magic, or indeed, the misery in our lives occurs.
The sub-conscious is responsible for our body healing itself, for eliminating waste and processing fuel (be it bad or good) that we take in, using oxygen to power us, and thousands of other habits we have taught it. These habits range from getting dressed, driving, playing sport (they are automatic after enough repetition).

As children, when we learn to dress ourselves, often our pants end up on our head, and we get jammed. Now as adults we don’t need to think about HOW to dress ourselves, we simply decided WHAT we will wear and put it on with on real conscious effort being needed/applied.

This is a double edged sword. Thought which flows freely to us all the time, is channelled into what we want (if we have goals, know where we are heading, have clarity and set our intention) or what we don’t want by default we do not do the aforementioned.

When we learn to drive, we have to focus entirely on what we are doing, it is foreign, until we have logged enough hours for driving to become automatic! We emotionalise the thought of driving with the emotion of FAITH.

First we think of what we must do, then we get a feeling, excitement about driving and focus on the desired outcome (happiness at being about to drive) and then through repetition, we act on those thoughts and feelings until our body LEARNS how to drive.
Knowing how to drive is a RESULT. Knowing HOW to dress ourselves is a result. Once programmed into the subconscious mind, we don’t need to think about doing these things anymore.

In our adulthood, we are without doubt, running thousands of programs just like, ‘how to drive’, ‘how to get dressed’, ‘how to shower’, in addition to programs of ‘who we are’, ‘how successful we are’, ‘what we are like in an intimate relationship’ ‘how fit and healthy we are’, ‘how much willpower we have to choose long term success, delaying short term gratification in favour of long term fulfilment’.

Each of these things, including many or our ‘values’, and all our beliefs are conditioned into our minds, and therefore our bodies (the subconscious mind) by our ENVIRONMENT.

Our parents, schools, churches, clubs, society, people who were older and therefore in a position of powerful (any family or friends, associates) – all of these people INFLUENCED and FORMED how we see ourselves and what is possible. Sayings like “money doesn’t grow on trees” (even though in America, the richest country in the world, it certainly does grown on trees, it’s paper) – sayings like this build our beliefs around money.

They may seem insignificant, but what the saying really is implying is that ‘money is hard to come by, it is RARE, and to get any someone else has to lose’. What we believe about money is another sub-conscious program. How much we are able to earn is programmed into us, and our results are the indicator of what is in our sub-conscious mind.
The law of compensation as taught by the legendary dean of Self-Development ‘Earl Nightingale’ states:
Our compensation (financial rewards) will be equal to three things:

  1. The need for what we do (demand)
  2. Our ability to do it
  3. The difficulty there is in replacing us (in our field of work/service), the better we provide our service, the more specialised our knowledge (gained from consistent daily study in our field), the harder we are to replace

Thus, we simply need become more educated, productive and increase our ability to SERVE, to be useful and our income WILL increase. AS we give more of ourselves, we receive more. They are one and the same, giving and receiving, merely the opposite side of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other; therefore when we give we automatically have completed part of the two part process of give and receive. We have set in motion the process of receiving by giving.

This is made certain through the law of Polarity. When we give a carrot seed to the fertile earth, give it water and remove the weeds, after 90 days, we are given food in the form of a carrot.

The problem is most people have been conditioned with an ‘entitlement’ mentality.
We think because they have worked somewhere for a certain amount of time, we should be just be paid more… but if we haven’t studied our field consistently, improved our productivity and therefore become more VALUABLE to our organisation or profession, why would we deserve more income?

We are literally born as GENIUSES! As children we keep striving until we get the result we want, we do not understand the word FAILURE! We don’t buy into FEAR. We mumble until we can talk. We fall over again and again UNTIL we can walk.

As adults, we lose this…. So it seems, but, rather we are conditioned to live from our five physical senses, sounds, sight, touch, taste and feeling (physical). What seems to be lost is actually buried under years of conditioning and literally thousands of times hearing the word ‘NO’.

Yet the magic happens inside – not outside, so being programmed to live through our physical senses is debilitation and incongruent with living life TRULY as a free spiritual being.

As we grow older, we begin to let the outside determine what is REAL and if we do this, we lose our creative power inside! For what we focus on grows. Like the rays of the sun feeds the plants of the earth, so too do the rays of our thought, creating the reality we experience.

Our emotions when combined with thoughts create the totality of our experience.
The way to communicate directly to our subconscious mind is with constant spaced repetition of thought which has been EMOTIONALISED! The key is to have THOUGHTS of our DESIRES and EMOTIONS that are conducive with the fulfilment of that desire.

If we think of goals and have FEELING that we cannot achieve that goal, then we are using the omnipotent creative power of thought in the most dismal way possible.
Thought, the creator of all, combined with feelings that are empowering to the thought become supercharged! Thoughts with opposing feelings have the opposite effect.

Part of our creature is mammalian – the body, the feelings. Feelings are our greatest MOTIVE for action or inaction. We are three dimensional beings: we are mind, body and spirit.
MIND is the master of the body, that moulds and makes and is capable of controlling the actions of the body by influencing the FELLINGS within it. Feelings combined with thought set up the VIBRATION of what we attract, meaning what we experience. Emotions are the tool we use in our body to either motive or demotivate us from acting on our dreams.

I can demonstrate to you right now, how easily it is for us to hamper the actualisation of our desires by FEELING emotions which are opposing our thoughts.

You could say that THOUGHT is ASKING for what we want, it is DESIRE – which as Hill points out in Think and Grow Rich, is the first step to all riches.

You could also accurately say that EMOTION is being open, and READY to receive, that which you desire. Which emotions are the ones that indicate you are ready to receive? FAITH. Remember the higher up the emotional scale we are, the more POWERFUL our attraction and the more ENERGY we have.

In scientific terms, the BETTER our feelings, the more ENERGY we have and will put out into the universe. The more energy we GIVE, the more we receive.
Take for example depression (anger turned inwards). Depression is VERY low on the emotional scale. One who is depressed can scarcely motivate a beetle much less themselves or any other being to take action. They are slow, apathetic.

Now take someone whose dominant feeling is GRATITUDE, COMPASSION, INTEREST, and FACINATION with life and LOVE.
They are literally TURBO charged. They can inspire action, and followers. They attract the good life, “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”!
Thoughts we plant return thoughts of a similar nature. Emotions we feel create CHEMISTRY in our bodies that facilitate the creation of like emotions.

Think about something you really want. For me, here are my top three desires:
I. To grow as the best coach, clearing practitioner and teacher of universal laws that I can be. To help people BELIEVE in their potential as they did as children before conditioning.

II. To create beautiful music, with multiple instruments and share that with people, music that touches the hearts and draws out the human spirit – to help it release, explore and love.

III. To teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a studio in Tasmania South Australia – in a massive hall made of massive trees of WOOD, a studio which is place of wellness and healing. A building specifically designed in a forest, with fresh air, sun light and energy flowing freely into the building from each direction. The building is to be pyramid shaped in its roof. The wellness building will have, float tanks, showers with distilled water, massage, yoga, coaching, Jiu Jitsu, clearing and much more. Salt water pools and flowing water, a place to help people actualise their dreams, clear pain and fill with joy of life.

To be able to realise – that is, to make real my big three, I must CONSTANTLY hold in my mind the thoughts of these dreams, goals and desires. THOUGHT is the master that creates all. The universe is mental. The law of thought is one of the Natural Hermetic Laws.
I must be specific.

While this is true, emotion is the part which must be understood and COMBINED with the thoughts I have of these goals, these desires, these dreams!

Emotion is our driving force in the body, thought, the drive of mind and body.
When I think about my desire, the next part is to FEEL the way I would once I have achieved this.
I certainly am not perfect or even close to it yet. But I love that! I have the chance to grow every day as I have so much growth to do. It excites me beyond explanation. I am getting better because I study the laws every day on how to live from the inside out.

Let’s discuss our greatest teacher… nature. Look at a tree seedling. It is tiny, yet will continue to grow to become massive. Do you know that as people we have the same ability to become massive? Rather than grow into physical giants, we grow by increasing the power of our mental faculties. We gain strength and the ability to confront any goal or challenge that arises.

We can jump through the waterfall of exhilarations, the rush that lives on the other side of fear.
The thing we fear is the UNKNOWN. And the only place we can grow is in the unknown!
Growth is literally success.

Check out growthforsuccess.com for more posts and videos on this subject of life and success.

Thank you for reading, please share this if it has helped you in any way.

Take action to day.

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