Growth for Success is the complete package of wellness for you!!


Head Massage Therapist: Melissa Clark

Head Coach: Christopher Zuidam

Melissa and Christopher are both based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Chris’s passions are to continually improve himself as a coach, musician and jiu jitsu practitioner. His main focus is understanding how energy in the mind and emotional energy can be harnessed to achieve all our desires and empower those around us.

Melissa is passionate about energy within the human body, in particular feeling that energy, helping release it from within the body and using the art of touch, massage, reiki and much more to heal the human body.

As a team we believe that the best way to learn is with other like minded people, learning and teaching together and building on that.

The only way to improve yourself personally is to rigorously look within yourself with enthusiasm and purpose and to take full responsibility for every aspect of your life.

Leadership and helping others realise their goals is the passion of this dynamic duo, but most of all we are passionate about Growth in all areas of life. Gain life with Growth For Success.

Live life with zest and let us lead you into the challenges and opportunities with courage, in body, mind and spirit. We all must grow in body and mind to achieve what we truly desire in our lives.

Melly and Chris.JPG




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