We are passionate about sharing what we have learned, teaching, coaching and mentoring all those who are ready to accept responsibility for themselves and their lives.

Coaching is designed to help us grow in all areas of life: health, hobbies and interests, career, family, social, economic, spiritual, mind, body and any other area you choose.

There is no feeling of well being if any of these areas are in poor order.

The focus beings on the area(s) you are most particularly interested in growing and improving in first. Every facet of your life in which you grow will positively affect the rest of your life. Everything effects everything!

You can only achieve more by growing as a person. Failure to grow is the only failure.

Through working with us we will help you:

  • Learn how to identify what you really want.
  • Facilitating you in embracing growth in health, hobbies and interests, career, family, social, economic, spiritual and mind – which will enable you to…
  • Create comprehensive plans to bridge the gap between knowing and ACTUALISING your dreams and desires for your life.

Our philosophy is “Growth for Success, because Growth is Success. The only true failure in life is to choose not to grow by remaining ignorant.  It is the failure to discover, learn and build upon and new skills.”

It has been truthfully stated that hard work beats talent, where talent doesn’t work hard.

What are you talented in, what do you love, what MUST you have in your life?

Finally, you may be asking why Growth? What is the point of it and is it worth it?

To answer let me create a scene for you:

You are walking down a road and you come across some newly planted, baby trees. You appreciate the life they have, the beauty of life itself and noticing how small the trees are, you also appreciate the fragility of life. What are the odds that those trees will survive to adult hood? How many challenges will they face that could terminate them? To list a few:

  • An animal could eat/chew or break them
  • An ignorant or careless person may step on or vandalise them
  • A flood or heavy rain may wash them away or drown them
  • A strong wind may snap them
  • Extreme heat or cold could kill them
  • Any number of things could happen which would end the trees journey when it is just starting out

However, if the baby trees survive the first and most dangerous part of their journey, they have no choice but to grow as big as they can. They will grow as tall and round as they can. When they grow, they become strong, and the above mentioned points are as likely to harm a fully grown tree as ant is to harm a whale.

You may not know this: but most people are going through life the same as those baby trees – with one exception. They can CHOOSE not to grow, so when the heat of life, the trials, the inconsiderate people come into their lives, everything falls apart.

They are fragile because they have chosen not to grow, and instead conform to a life where they really want more but are too scared and don’t know the first step to be able to achieve more.

So allow us to help you to make” Growth for Success” a part of your life.

Contact us now if you are interested in being mentored. We currently have a few spaces left for new coaching clients. Spaces are filling fast so book your free consultation today.

To your success, in gratitude,

Christopher Zuidam: Head Coach

Melissa Clark: Coach





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