The greatest asset or biggest liability.

While thoughts are our most powerful tool we can use to create and experience anything we want in our lives, thoughts can also be the most detrimental liabilities we have; holding us back at every turn, preventing us from everything we want if they are left unchecked.

If we do not monitor our thoughts and direct them through focus (repetition of thought, holding an idea in our mind and most importantly, writing it down on paper – the most brilliant minds think on paper) and intention (why it is that you want that thing, what FEELING you want to achieve by gaining this), they do indeed have the potential to run us into the ground.

As an example, I have just discovered motorbikes…..

Now the fact is, I could be a highly skilled stunt rider and learn to do jumps or back-flips while on a motorbike; but the very first step towards this is to have the thought of doing such.

The thought pondered overtime develops into an idea, into a desire, and if it was something I did indeed desire, I would become emotionally attached to that thought and my emotional investment in it would inspire action to create a plan to bring in to fruition.

Everything begins with a thought. Consider this: someone who is struggling, dislikes their job, and possibly relationship or whatever; has a thought – A though about trying an illicit addicted drug to escape their pain, or they have a though about changing everything – about starting a university degree or some other form of personal development or life changing hobby – a worthy goal in that is completed in spare time (time not at work and time discovered by cutting back on TV, Facebook etc) in order to change everything, career, happiness, lives – living life with passion and zest rather than numbing with drugs or similar.

Pondered just once, these ideas are ‘just thoughts’ but this is how everything begins, with just a thought – with an idea!

Everything great and terrible in the human world – both of the directions and decisions above, begin with that initial thought.

Over time, if there are repeated thoughts of these two things (drugs or university/self improvement/growth in this instance) the thoughts will gain power and if these thoughts are written down as SMART goals and acted on there will be a result. Anything thought consistently held in the mind, that is charged with powerful positive or negative emotion – will inspire action helpful or unhelpful.

One of the above thought patterns has potential life-destroying consequences, the other, brings a world of opportunity.

So… what are you thinking? Are your thoughts being directed into an area that empowers you to live life doing what you love, using your natural skills? Do you live your life as a free person who decides their own fate or do you follow the masses, living a mediocre, somber life  enslaved to a 9-5 job that bores you to such a degree that you must use base stimuli (junk food, booze, drugs – legal and illegal, television) to survive the day – rather than thrive through each day as we are all meant to!

We all have undiscovered natural talents that if we work on – turn into genius level results. Thoughts of trying new things help us discover these hidden abilities.

Thoughts are our greatest assets or a biggest liability. Thoughts that are repeated over and over in time, lead to emotions which lead to actions. Actions or indeed, inaction are the causes of change in our lives.

Direct your thoughts to the great, to things you love and things will start heading in the direction you want.

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Inspirational quotes

  1. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. –Mike Murdock
  2. Nothing can resist a human will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose. – Benjamin Disraeli –
  3. It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.  – Elizabeth Kenny
  4. Successful people are those with successful habits – Brian Tracy – 
  5. The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitudes. – William James – 
  6. Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.  – Earl Nightingale – 
  7. I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan
  8. Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. – Earl Nightingale –
  9. Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. – Napoleon Hill – 
  10. The distance between your dreams and reality is called action. – Unknown – 

What is your favourite quote out of these and why?


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Wonder: the key to an amazing life!

Wonder: the key to an amazing life!

It is phenomenal how often I have heard people say, “my school days were the best days of my life“.

Naturally a percentage of people didn’t enjoy school due to bullying or other reasons, however a large percentage of people did enjoy their school years.

Why is it the case for many of us that ‘school was the best part of our lives‘?

One word: Wonder!!!

In school we had a sense of wonder, everything was exciting and NEW and anything was possible!

In school we where learning anything and everything! We where always being challenged:

  • Challenged with various subjects, technology (woodwork, metalwork, electronics, other)
  • Basic life skills: Cooking, sewing, many others
  • Art: Photography, painting, music, other
  • English and/or another language(s): we where learning to speak, write, articulate
  • Maths: learning to count and work out problems and learn formulas
  • Relationships: learning how to make friends, building the relationships and meeting new people all the time
  • Sport: being active, learning how to play ‘ball sports’, ‘bat and racket sports’ and many others – perhaps aquatics or similar
  • Learning about history, science, chemistry, and many, many other things…

WOW!!! With all this learning, of course life was FULL of WONDER!!!

Let me ask this: Are we waking up with a sense of wonder everyday? If not, why?

We are subconsciously choosing NOT to grow.

Compare the amount of growth we go through as children/adolescents to that which we do as adults and you can EASILY see why many/most adults have the ‘thank god it’s Friday’ mentality, no sense of wonder in their lives and quite simply: ARE BORED crap-less.

Lets put the wonder back in our lives – EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

If we are not in the careers we really want to be in, lets change it. If our health is poor and we are depleted of energy from the moment we wake, lets change it!!

If we are over ground hog day everyday, week after week, year after year, then LETS CHANGE IT! Lets WAKE UP! We were not born to be bored pathetic creatures when we (to quote Les Brown) “have GREATNESS within us”.

Anything is still possible for us now MORE SO than it was in school because we are adults now and can choose to do WHATEVER we want with our lives!!!

Lets start learning DAILY again and lets start consciously CHOOSING to do so. Lets study and do new things, learn new skills, meet new people, make new friends!

That is how we put the WONDER back in your life!!!!

Lets take ACTION on this today!!!

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What are we, you and I, living for? Seriously!! What is the point, the purpose of our lives?

This is a tough read… for those of us not yet living on purpose, we could all benefit greatly from considering the points within this post, lets be courageous and read it ALL!!!

What are we living for? Is it for:

  • 5 pm or whatever time we finish work for the day/night?
  • Friday/the weekend or our days/nights off?
  • Our next holiday?
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs – recreational or prescribed?
  • Our significant other/partner – hoping they will give meaning to our lives?
  • Vicarious fulfillment/achievement through our children and what they will achieve in their lives (because ‘it’s too late for us to live a meaningful life, our time has passed’ so now it’s up to our kids to have a great life, at least if they do, our lives will have meant something right?) or is it that we hope that when we do have children, THEN our lives will have purpose (‘reality check’, one day our children will be 18+ and leave home). Will what they achieve give meaning and purpose to us when we are home alone and they are out living their lives, having their own family?
  • Our next meal/non-food/drink/coffee/energy drink/tea consumption – the pleasure of eating/drinking non-food; commercialised man-made chemicals that we call food (and we know are bad for our bodies but love the thrill of eating them). They are made up of synthetic chemicals and drugs (on the label they appear as numbers, or complicated names that the average person doesn’t understand).

Tip: we must read the packaging of our comfort food – if we have no idea what the ingredients are, is it real food? Food is anything that can be gathered from nature (meat/veg/fruit/nuts and so on, mixing natural ingredients into a meal is still food of course). Food is NOT a bunch of synthetically created ingredients, thrown together in a factory (calling it food doesn’t make it food).

  • Our next video/computer game session or violent/murder/drug/sex ridden TV show or movie?
  • Compulsive use of social media and texting people?
  • Reading/watching/listening to all the horrible stories on the news or in magazines/the paper/media (and we say we do so because ‘we want to stay informed’, the real reason we watch that rubbish is because our lives are boring and we are escaping the dull glumness of them by watching anything that has ‘SHOCK factor’ – here is a common thought process (often subconscious) that we have while polluting our minds with the ‘news’: ‘if things this bad are happening in the world, our lives must be good, at least we haven’t been murdered, robbed……’.
  • The next drama of whatever we can make or take part in/listen to, but in particular, family or work drama, anything to entertain us….no matter how ‘sad’ it makes us feel, at least we do ‘feel something’, we feel alive with all the emotion and confrontation.
  • Over indulgence in Sex
  • Any other pleasure that is a temporary ‘band aid’ to help us escape our lives because we are just not satisfied – missing a purpose to live for…

Is our thinking every weekday along the lines of this: ‘Is it five o’clock yet? Is it Friday yet?’

Are we just waiting, surviving? Once we have gone on that holiday, then what? Once we have eaten too much and too often, large amounts of ‘non-food’ over and over again, had too many unhealthy beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, engaged in negative thinking, and all the rest… THEN WHAT?

De-Nile is not just a river in Egypt. Are we going to keep living in the River of De-Nile… that our partners or other people in our lives will give us the purpose and fulfillment that we are currently lacking?

Yes, love with a significant other and children are life treasures and can be some of the most rewarding parts of life…. HOWEVER these things although treasures CAN NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF HAVING OUR OWN PURPOSE!!!

What do we want for ourselves? What can we give to the community, the world that will make it better because we were here? What are we creating? How are we helping others?

Are we just trading hours of our lives for a small amount of money in jobs we find bore us so much it causes us pain, sickness, drains our vital energy and causes us to wake up tired (as if we haven’t even slept), and feel lethargic all day, and to top it off, makes us feel the need to ‘escape‘ using some of the things described in the above bullet points?

We must find something to make our lives about – something that will benefit others, more than just our families.

It makes us better partners/husbands/wifes and a better parents when we are doing something with our lives, committing it to an ever evolving, growing purpose so we can be better people

We cannot live a fulfilling life by making our life purpose solely about someone else; we all need our own individual a PURPOSE for us! Let’s make our lives about something! Create a worthy ideal which can be developed over time and change as we do and be ever striving to achieve it!

Don’t just work, find your career, the one suited to you and your skills!

A great way to increase our happiness and sense of self is to work in or study/train to be qualified to work within a career suited to us, that we enjoy, that resonates with our core values and higher self. We are all individuals with our own unique, natural skills and preferences. A job which suits one person will be a very bad, dull and life-draining for another.

So what is stopping us from getting into the career or working towards the being qualified to be in the career we desire?

The short answer is: SCP –  our Subconscious Conditioning and Programming.

Many people when I have asked them ‘are you in the career you want to be in and if not why’ have said to me: I am too old, I don’t have time, money, the right shoe size, blah, blah blah…..

There are 24 hours in day – for everyone. Sir Richard Branson, William Gates and Oprah Winfrey do not get 30 hours a day, they have the same amount as the average Joe Blogs who does not work or stays in an unrewarding, minimum wage job.

So question to ask is: Why does one person achieve 10 times or 100’s of times as many things as another – in the same amount of time or less time?

The first thing that separates the highly successful from the average performing person is that:

They stop “arguing for their limitations” (as Les Brown says). They understand the law of polarity – which is simply, that ‘in order for something to exist, it MUST by very definition, have an opposite that exists’. ‘Happy’ would would make no sense to us without ‘sad’, nor would ‘cold’ with out ‘warm’ and so on – (we would have no reference with which to compare these things without their opposites, thus would be unable to differentiate between the two).

The only reason we ‘can’t’ do something is because we have decided that we can’t. It is a decision we are often unaware that we have made as it is decided upon subconsciously, on auto-pilot, due to our SCP ‘Subconscious Conditioning and Programming’ without having truly giving any thought to the viability of our decision to believe we can’t.

So if there are reasons that we can’t do what we want with our careers and lives, then based on the law of polarity, there must be reasons why we can! How else could we differentiate whether it can or can’t be done if both of these variables where not possible?

BOTH the reasons why we can and why we can’t must equally exist to make each other comprehensible – that is to say, we need a vantage point to compare the two or neither would have meaning.

Now on a more tangible level – successful people:

1. PLAN THEIR DAY – by means of a WRITTEN LIST. A thought is fleeting. You can have 100’s of good thoughts in a day that if you wrote on paper as ‘activities to do’ would revolutionize your life. However we have that many thoughts, when we don’t write down what we want to achieve, it is as if we don’t want to achieve anything (even though deep down we ALL want to achieve more)!

2. Cut out some ‘screen time’. If we simply get rid of some screen time (Ipad, Smartphone, Computer, TV) – like magic: ‘PRESTO’ now we have ‘enough time’ to invest in a new venture, a course to study for a new career!!! (see my post about too much TV and its affects at ).

3. They have clearly defined and written goals – with accompanying plans defining how they will achieve them. Even if the plans aren’t 100% complete having a written down idea as to how you will start to go about achieving your goal will give you a solid foundation to begin doing so.

Numerous people over 100 years of age have finished degrees, at University!!!! Yet, I hear people who are 60, 50 or even 40 years of age (or YOUNGER!) say they are too old to study and learn what they really want to! Ridiculous! Lets get real people!!

Why do we pretend we are so powerless in our lives when we have the power to create anything and everything we want.

What is it we are really living for?

For many, in fact, most people; the next short lived pleasure is all they live for, the next escape is all that matters, so they can forget about how boring and unfulfilling their lives are, at least for a moment.

I know in the past before I found my calling, that I have been guilty of this (living for the next short lived pleasure). If I am not careful and not focused on the direction I want to go in my life and my goals, it is easy to slip back into living this way.

Why don’t we ASK OURSELVES RIGHT NOW: ‘Are we going to do the same mind-numbing work year after year after year after year… until we retire and just before we die, ask ourselves if we lived a LIE – if our lives could have been something else… something more?

Many people live vicariously through their children or think their partner is the one who will make their life one of meaning… WHAT A STRONG, UN-ACHIEVABLE BURDEN TO PLACE ON SOMEONE ELSE!

The burden of ‘I feel insignificant because I am doing NOTHING of value with my life, I haven’t taken the time to decide and learn what I want for my life, so I need you ‘my love’ to fill my deep seeded inadequacies’!

There is a general thinking among the conforming people, that goes like this:

‘We want more, something different and more interesting for our lives but we certainly can’t and won’t do anything about it ourselves, something or someone else will come along….ONE DAY and give us the more we want…. because we desire more and deserve more!…

As Jim Rohn said (I will paraphrase), ‘If we want to have more, we have to become more’.

If we truly did deserve more, the more would already be here!

We deserve more by becoming more, and we become more by having and working to achieve goals, purpose and working towards a worthy ideal.

We often use the excuse of not knowing how to live life on purpose.

Even worse, and more common, we CONVINCE ourselves that we are happy and content with our lives how they are, when all the evidence in our lives (poor health, no energy, tired all day, apathetic, boredom, relationships lacking intimacy, no money saved, lots of bad habits designed to help us escape, and the above points) indicate that us being happy and fulfilled in our lives, is a load of rubbish!!!

To be successful in our lives we must educate ourselves with the right data. Most of us learn about life from what we observe our parents or guardians doing in their lives.

We also learn about money, relationships, health and purpose (and everything else that matters) from them too . I believe our parents do the best they can with what they learnt from their parents, with their own toolbox of life.

What sets the successful apart from the unsuccessful is that successful people make it their duty to study these key life areas and life in general themselves and not count on ‘luck’ or ‘others’ to teach them about the values of life!

If our parents are/were in their lives, poor financially, sick and unhealthy, unhappy, depressed, have addictions and their relationship ended in divorce like my parents did, and millions of others, do you think we should learn about money, health, wealth, enlightened relationships and happiness from them?

No matter how much we love our parents (and I do love mine very dearly), we can all do better than they did. I want to teach myself a better way than they learnt and taught me as a child and we should all want to do better.

“It is insanity not to want to provide a better life for our children and ourselves than our parents where able to for us.”

We do this by living a life full of meaning and purpose and gain meaning a purpose by exposing our minds to new information from people who are successful in the areas we want to improve in. Makes sense doesn’t it?

This learning and then application of these skills is what creates a meaningful life. Many people I have spoken to or who have seen my EDUCATIONAL posts say or type something such as: “That is great positive thinking Christopher it is really useful”.

While I do believe that approaching life with optimism is the best approach, the information contained in my posts are NOT merely ideas for positive thinking…

They a minute portion of my learning’s from hours of reading books, free and paid coaching with my various coaches/mentors, attending seminars, reading journals from GREAT LEADERS dating back from before the times of Marcus Aurelius, to newly discovered useful tools from the leaders of today such as Anthony Robbins. It is EDUCATION, which we all need.

It is creates the environment in our minds for higher conscious ways of thinking – and better – richer life enhancing experiences than that which are experienced by the masses who do not think it wise to grow – to learn – to live!

These ideas and thought provoking statements are not considered by most and that is why they never set any goals or do anything of real value and meaning with their lives for themselves and others.

When we fill our minds with the right information and use it we will not need to stay in boring jobs. If we are in a job that does not liberate our energy and allow us to use our natural skills and preferences, the only way we can change it is to learn a new skill(s) and/or provide a different service(s) than we currently do.

This is how to change our careers and the new skills can only be learnt in the time most people spend escaping (by doing the above bullet points) on weekends and after work.

Consider, again, PLEASE for yourself, your family, your community and the world:


What do we want for our lives? Are we going to live on purpose or not???

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Why are our lives not quite the way we want them to be…?

Why is it that:

  • Our health not as good as it could be?
  • Our relationships are lacking deeper intimacy?
  • Our career is not suited to who we are and what we truly want to do?
  • Our finances are not how we would like them to be?
  • Our personal growth and sense of contribution to our family, friends and society is less than we truly want to give?
  • Our personal interests, hobbies and creative passions are not being developed – being placed on the back burner?

It’s because we CHOOSE to have certain– BELIEFS about these areas of life (and all other areas of life), about ourselves and never truly question how they affect us.

This is one of my favourite topics; Belief VS Knowing.

Most of us have become sentimental creatures, but I don’t think this is our natural state, or what The Universe/God/Life/ (Whatever you relate to) intended for us.

Our natural state is to grow, to expand and experience all we can in our lives, not to stick with the familiar and slowly become mere shadows of what we were BORN to be, or what we DESIRE for our lives, those we love, and complete strangers who are struggling that we could help if we only grew in our lives so we had more to offer to others.

To illustrate this point (that we are naturally experiential beings who were born to grow), simply observe a young child. They want to touch, taste, explore everything they can and they do so without fear. As we grow, go through school and work, we are trained, conditioned to act, dress, and behave in a certain ways; we are fit into little pigeon holes of society and ‘the boot may not fit us’.

We are all unique and enjoy different experiences.

We lose our sense of individuality, and fear ‘failing’, not being accepted and poverty. We fear not passing the test and not living up to our perceived (and real) expectations others have of us.

When we choose to believe something blindly, we become familiar with situations, jobs, relationships, ideas and we hold them close to our heart.

It doesn’t matter if they are conducive to our health, growth and spirit, it matters not, whether they promote freedom in our lives, we know them, they feel like home and we have a sense of ‘safety’ staying in our comfort zone and sticking with our current beliefs about these familiar things.

The comfort zone is the danger zone.

Here is an example of how beliefs can betray us, can shorten our lives and make us want to stay on the same path, to remain the supporting act in our lives for our future, rather than take the wheel of our life and become the main character, the STAR in our lives.

First let me give you a distinction between a BELIEF and KNOWING.

A BELIEF is a strong opinion or idea we have in our heads about something that we hold to be true, often without having questioned the idea – it is ‘in our head’.

KNOWING must be experienced – by doing new things ‘it is done by living and as cliche as it may sound – knowing comes from the heart’.

Beliefs are what hold us back, especially when we derive a strong sense of our identity from limiting beliefs.

Here are some examples of how beliefs can affect our lives in a detrimental way:

  • We believe we cannot find a partner who will love us for who we are due to not being good enough or a multitude of other reasons, so we stay in an abusive or unloving relationship, with no real connection because it is ‘safe’, ‘familiar’.
  • We believe that it is not worth the effort to study after work and/or on weekends to become qualified for our dream career so we stay in a job that we find unchallenging, boring, uninspiring and not in line with our true nature (and complain about it, and think ‘Thank God it’s Friday‘ every week).
  • We believe losing the short term pleasure of over eating, over indulging in alcohol or drugs or any other habit is better than delaying gratification and looking after our bodies, better than truly loving ourselves.
  • We believe that it is just too risky and not worth the hassle to do more in our lives, to truly live and be all that we can, we believe that watching our lives pass us by though wasting it all in front of a square box (TV, Computer, Ipad, Smart Phone – take your pick) is too easy to do and we forget our dreams or WORSE pretend we no longer have dreams!!!

Ask yourself a question right now:

“What is it costing me to continue to believe what I do about everything in my life and what am I missing out on experiencing due to not questioning my beliefs”?

Let’s stop holding onto Beliefs that do not serve us, these ideas and KNOW what life is about, what we can become by going out and experiencing what we want to!

Let’s be BOLD and study what we have always wanted to, talk to our partner if we need to, make an exercise schedule and eat a healthy diet. Let’s put in the effort to live life on our terms!

We can only truly KNOW through experience and that is gained by DOING.

Thinking over and over again that we can’t be, do and have what we want to have in our lives is just conditioned beliefs patters; they may not be of our choosing as children, but as adults they are our own creations and only we can alter them.

As hard as it may be to accept that as adults, we CHOOSE what to believe and are the only ones capable of choosing our own beliefs and what we KNOW, we must take on this responsibility.

Our quality of life will be in exact proportion to our willingness to accept that responsibility and to choose new empowering beliefs and better still, to ACT so we KNOW what is true for us to truly be unencumbered in our journey in life by our own mind.

As Robert Kiyosaki says, “Negative thoughts are not protecting you, they are making you smaller”.

Let’s destroy beliefs about life that don’t serve us, let’s start to KNOW about life.

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QUIT your New Year’s resolution!

Quit your New Year’s resolution!


New Year’s resolutions don’t work! If they did, ever year people would have astronomical changes in their lives.

What it comes down to is simply, if you feel the need to wait for a big event such as a new year before you are willing to begin your goal, you are not really serious about it. Anything that really comes deep from within should be acted upon immediately, right now, this instant.

Here is a common trend for New Year’s resolutions:

Meet Harry. He’s an average middle-class worker. He is overweight, eats too much, smokes too many cigarettes, drinks too much alcohol (binge drinks on weekends and after work has a few too many most nights), works in a job in which he feels like a drone, due to not using any of his natural skills and passions (no growth), the lack of challenge and repetition of tasks, he stays up til 3am watching TV to numb his mind and try to wash off some of the boredom of the day at work, despite needing to arise for work again at 7am.

His intimate relationship is dying, lacking loving and vibrancy, with most of his time spent with his partner the ‘together’ time, consisting of sitting next to each other in front of a square box with lights and colours.

He has no formal study to support what he wants to do for a career and his life’s work (and is not even sure what that is), and now he is deciding to make his first new year’s resolution to ‘change his life’. Furthermore, he is only going to make A SINGLE RESOLUTION per Year:

Year one: now a non-smoker.

Year two: in addition to year 1, also now a non-drinker or drinks only a couple times a year.

Year three: in addition to years 1 & 2 also now a fitness junky that has less than 8% body fat, ripped muscles and eats little to no junk food, only wholesome foods most of the time, and good portion sizes.

Year four: in addition to years 1, 2 & 3 now goes to bed at a good hour every night.

Year five: in addition to years 1, 2, 3 & 4 has invested the time and thought to discover what he wants to do for his life’s work (decided to become a counsellor). Has begun studying counselling after work and on weekends when needed to act on his dream career.

A few years later…..

Year eight: in addition to all the NYR’s made, now finally has a career which adds meaning to his life and freedom, is challenging, allows for more self-expression and stimulates growth every day.

It has a much higher income to support desires for travel and a higher quality of life. In addition over each year he has given energy to his intimate relationship and now they are truly loving partners, INVESTING time together daily, going out, being creative, growing together…..


……you can see what I am getting at here. In a single year, our life could increase in quality dramatically, if we made just ONE ‘Major New Year’s Resolution’ that we actually KEPT to.

Within five years we wouldn’t be able to imagine our old life even if we use a telescope to look back and within ten years we would be a new person.

Our lives WOULD be changed in beneficial and positive ways that we could not imagine right now.

If this is true, why would I say to quit your New Year’s Resolution (that is if you haven’t already)?

More accurately I should say, don’t create New Year’s Resolutions in the first place. As I said earlier:

“If you feel the need to wait for a big event such as a new year before you are willing to begin your goal, you do not really want it enough”.

The challenge with many of our New Year’s Resolutions is that they are often ‘wishy ideals’ made when we are at our most relaxed, it’s Christmas, we are on holiday, over eating, not working, with family and friends, relaxed, perhaps a bit tipsy. They are ‘well I should do this’ type goals rather than ‘this is what I really want for my life, because I deserve it’ goals.

Furthermore they are ‘let’s start on the 1st of January goals’ while in the lead up to it we do exactly the opposite of our goal, for example:

  • It is December 25th a decision is made that on the 1st of January; we will stop over eating and significantly cut back on junk ‘food’ to ‘lose weight’. But until that point, we ‘allow’, even encourage ourselves, to gorge ourselves senseless, consuming more junk than we would normally.


  • It’s New Year’s Eve. We decide our NYR as of 2nd of January will be to cut back significantly on alcohol (starting with a three month alcohol detox altogether) because we have a drinking problem, drinking after work or binge drinking on weekends, but we have condoned letting ourselves get absolutely hammered tonight since we don’t start cutting back until the 2nd of January (the thinking is, ‘let’s get all the booze in we can before we stop altogether’).


This signifies a lack of true desire to change, a ‘let’s get all the gluttony, overload on our bad habit while we can before we torture ourselves with eating less, drinking less and eating real food in healthy portions’, when in our heart we are not ready to quit either of these things or commit to whatever our NYR is…

SO what does that matter?

What matters is the mentality behind this thinking. This is acting out of fear, guilt of being overweight, caring what others think, fear of death (as opposed to the joy of living) rather than coming from the only place of power we have for PERMINANT CHANGE – DESIRE FOR MORE LIFE, LOVE and RESPECT for ourselves.

Can we turn love on and off? NO.

We can’t decimate ourselves by eating like fiends one moment, or drink ourselves into a stupor and then go to eating healthy food in better portions out of fear and call it love. An internal change must happen before we can change the external habits – our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.
We either have found enough love for ourselves (from introspection) to eat only what we need and for sustenance rather than as our main source of pleasure and to escape OR we have not yet found the love it takes to honour our bodies with only the necessary food needed.

With New Year’s Resolutions we decide, ‘hey it’s finally time to change something in our life’. For some unknown reason, we tend to take accountability when a new year is looming around the corner.

Could it be the innate drive and desire in our heart of hearts that has been buried by our conditioning and lack of self-assessment, or by our decision to conform and bury our heads in the sands of our lives?

Is it the desire to do, be and have more which has been awakened by yet another unsatisfactory year passing?

Or is it perhaps arising due to fear: fear of being and doing nothing of worth in our life, fear of not being good enough for other people (or our significant other) or fear of our own premature death or ill-health due to self-neglect and boredom?

What do we fear more, truthfully?

The unknown and the journey we must take through it if we are to realise our dreams or the fear of not taking the journey at all. I think that logically, we fear the unknown and in our heart, we fear not taking the journey to see what our lives could be, what we could truly be.

One of these thinking patters is based on freedom and love. One isn’t.

So… if I am suggesting that you quit your new year’s resolution, (which by now most people who made them already have quit, as far as numerous research and studies have indicated); what could you do INSTEAD?

If by some happy chance, you have chosen something dear to your heart, and your NYR is truly something that you want for your life, change your NYR to a LIFE resolution. A goal for your year is a start, but what is it leading into? Why do you have the goal?

It’s GOOD to plan and have goals for your day, week, month and year but a one year goal with no thought to what it leads into for your life purpose is lacking the true power of a life goal.

So, we need, LIFE GOALS. We must discover what we want.

The way to do so is simple.

It is easy.

Yet, it is scary.

It is so simple and easy, that the simplicity of it coupled with the fear of failure, or worse, the fear of success, makes us want to turn and run the other way because we don’t trust in or believe in ourselves anymore.

Here it is how to find what you truly want (like I said it is so simple):

Ask yourself, “What do I really, really want for my life”? Now you may get a flash of your major life DREAM – as Napoleon Hill calls it ‘your definite chief aim in life’ (if you don’t keep asking yourself the above question over and over again until you do, write the question on a piece of paper). The power of putting your desires and heart into a pen on paper is beyond explanation.

When you get the true answer, immediately you will very likely want to dismiss it because you don’t know HOW you are going to achieve it.

We often dismiss what we truly want; pretend we don’t really want it because we are scared to go after it. We fear the emotional effort, money and time we will have to commit to turn our biggest dream into a tangible goal and with no guarantee of success. We may suffer temporary defeat, over and over again. I know I have.

Never let temporary defeat stop you from getting up again and again and again until you can stand in victory and the feel the joy achieving your goal.

That is where the scary comes in, because when WE decide what we want, we also realise that WE are responsible for its attainment, and the only one who can achieve it is ourselves. When ‘we don’t know what we want’, we can blame others or ‘circumstances’ (which are self-created) that our lives are boring and unfulfilling.

For me, my goal is to be a world renowned authority, leader, speaker and someone who finds new discoveries in the field of psychology. This scares the hell out of me because I already have many commitments and studying in addition to all of them will see me with very little down time to relax and do nothing. There is a great financial commitment I must make; it will require tons of emotional energy and thousands of hours to achieve this dream.

For me, my stepping stone is to become more self-aware and conscious. I am doing this by completing a Diploma of Counselling which I am currently studying. My next step will be to do two more years study at university in counselling and then a year of supervised counselling to become a qualified counsellor.

This will put me in a career which will require me to be very self-aware and congruent which will provide me with skills and build me up for the 6+ years I will need to invest to become a psychologist.

This is massive for me. I have financial commitments, and am required to work to keep those commitments. To be a psychologist requires 3 years full-time University, then another year for honours (all with good grades), and then the equivalent of two years working fulltime in the field of psychology supervised. That is 6 years FULL time, so part time who knows…

We should not make some lousy guilt induced resolution due to the passing of another year. This kind of resolution is done in fear, not hope and the desire for more freedom and self-expression.

We are not going to keep it, we don’t really want to commit to it and it doesn’t truly inspire our spirit and therefore won’t rekindle the fire within us that we had as a child. (Do you remember the dreams we had as a child to be a fire fighter or police officer of to be a vet and work with animals. Did it matter that we didn’t know HOW we were going to become any of these things?)

It won’t inspire us to go after what we desire for our lives. It won’t liberate our energy and touch our soul with desire and joy.

If New Year’s Resolutions worked you would have all the money, good health and vitality, relationships, skills, career, choices and freedom to do what you want, when you want. Can you say honestly that you have never made a NYR only to see it disappear within the first week or two of beginning?


‘A DECISION MADE RIGHT NOW – TO LIVE OUR LIVES ON PURPOSE’ not on January 1, not next week;



  • Our work
  • Finances
  • Intimate relationship, intimacy with our partner and all other relationships
  • Our Health and exercise program
  • Peace of mind, Joy and freedom
  • Growth and Inspiration
  • Personal hobbies
  • Our artistic leanings, in music, or any other art
  • Our contributions to society and the world
  • Our meagre example we set for our children on how to live life on purpose
  • All our habits

Decide what you want for your life, not for a year. It takes one goal, one focus in your life to start slowly but surely changing all the underlying bad habits. It takes time, but as a good friend of mine says, ‘when you do what you love, you will find what you love’.

There is nothing as beautiful as a human being who is living an inspired life, full of passion and hope, forever growing and expanding to higher levels of consciousness, developing their inner world and as a result, their outer world reflects the changing person, and with this growth, they inspire others.

So I say, quit your new year’s resolution (if you haven’t already) or better still, if your NYR really is what you want for your life, make it a life resolution. DECIDE what you want for your life.

Invest the time you need to reflect on what gives you the most joy. For me it is helping people, music, using my body (exercise) and getting to know myself.

2015 is just a year, just as 2016, 2017 and every year after that are just years.

Your life is so much more than a year.

As motivational speaker Les Brown says, ‘Decide what you want and go after if as though your life depends on it, why? Because it does.’

I thank you most sincerely for reading this, and hope that it is thought provoking for you and inspires you as much as it has me, to get up and LIVE. I ask that you please leave a comment.

Finally, really ask yourself:

‘What do I want for my life?’

Don’t miss a post, and potentially the message and combination of words that will inspire the emotions inside you to BE ALL YOU CAN BE. I am consistently self-studying, growing, investing emotional energy, money and time into being able to create the life I want for myself and write inspirational messages to inspire you to look within yourself to see what you truly desire and go after what you desire.

This information is what we all need to be taking in; we must feed our minds as we feed our body if we truly desire to be our true selves – to live a life full of FREEDOM.

I encourage you to subscribe on the right side of the page for an email notification when I write new posts more inspirational posts

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EVERYONE wants more in life – Here is HOW!

EVERYONE wants more in life. If you go to work and while there you are counting down the hours until 5pm or counting down the days of the week until Friday, YOU WANT MORE. However you have probably talked yourself into thinking you don’t really want more. You may have said something like; “I am really quite happy as I am, everything in my life is not quite how I want it but I am OK with that”.

Just like people talk themselves into thinking they are OK with ‘intimate’ relationships where both parties are just trying to use each other to facilitate their own deep seeded inadequacies and weaknesses rather than to work on themselves and conquer their weaknesses.

For others, it is physical health/weight/appearance. They pretend they are happy with being miserable, sick, overweight and so on. That it is somehow OK because they observe so many other miserable ‘normal’ people.

You and I both know this is a load of rubbish!!!

Sickness and misery is NOT NORMAL AT ALL, it is a manmade INSANITY and the fact that many people are so doesn’t make it NORMAL.  The total opposite of this is your natural state: healthiness, peace of mind and unconditional love.

It is a sad thing to lie to other people but continuing to live a half-life and lying to yourself that you are happy with it, damages you on such a deep level. If you are doing this you can say goodbye to your self-confidence, purpose, meaning, unconditional love and self-respect.

It’s a pretty heavy price to pay for not putting in the effort to grow and learn about who you are and what you want to do in your life.

Have you ever heard the expression, “De Nile is not just a river in Egypt?” Well it’s not. Stop living in the river of De Nile and be honest with yourself.

IF YOU ARE HONEST you DO want more in at least one aspect of your life: if may be

  • More skill for a hobby or new experience trying new activities you have always wanted to try.
  • More recognition and fulfilment at work, home or in your recreational activities, clubs or groups.
  • A more challenging and thought provoking career.
  • More money (or more accurately the choices and therefore freedom money can buy)
  • A more healthy body to live in (preferably your own body) J
  • A truly intimate relationship where you and your partner together are adding more to each other’s lives because you are both complete and confident in who you are as opposed to a ‘relationship’ in which you and your partner are using each other as an emotional crutch to make yourselves feel like your lives have meaning (due to not knowing your own value).

Well you can always have more because you can BECOME more.

You can be fulfilled and KNOW that your life has meaning and direction; that this year doesn’t have to be the same as the last 1, 5 or 10 or more years have been. You can have more and different things and experiences because you can grow to become more and do different things.

So how do you do this? You do it by developing yourself, your skills, learning what you love and giving back to the world, your unique gifts and talents so that other people can enjoy the beauty, art and benefit of your creations.

You GET more by first, CHANGING your attitude, and second, by REPEATEDLY putting new, empowering data (THAT WORKS) that is in the area your desire to improve in, into your subconscious mind.

For help on attitude, check out my post on Attitude:

Finally, subscribe to my blog to prove not to me, but to yourself that you DO WANT MORE and you are NO LONGER going to live your life like this is TAKE 1. You have one life here in this body you are in, so why not see what you can do with your life?

Subscribe and please leave some comments and feedback, how this has helped and your thoughts.

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Personal-development and growth are NOT ANYTHING…..

….they are EVERYTHING!

I discovered personal development and the field of self-improvement when I was at the most depressed and trying time in my life. Life itself seemed meaningless and I was really trying to find out what was the point of it.

Having found self-development in this state, I have studied it with such a great intensity, that most people, even on the path of developing themselves, would never desire to commit to and this was due largely to my longing for growth in my life, for change.

I therefore had a compelling reason to study: my hunger to improve. I am devoted in my life towards constant and consistent growth, life long learning and self-mastery. This dedication has evolved into a burning desire to inspire others to aspire to do and be the best they can be, and to learn how to master all the aspects of their lives.

Everyone has a story, and to illustration why I grasped the field of self-improvement I will briefly share mine.

Coming from a torn family background and having had depression most of my life, I became an alcoholic from the age of 18 and continued to numb myself, causing myself many embarrassments and challenges in my life until I was 25.

What started the change in me, going from seven years of being a smoker and alcoholic who just wanted to quit and felt powerless to do so, broken relationships with partners and having no purpose in life – to who I am now…

…a non-smoker no longer reliant on alcohol, having an amazing relationship, and my ULTIMATE PURPOSE IN LIFE DISCOVERED, the start for me was that I clicked on a Brian Tracy YouTube video. This was my first exposure to any such teaching – the first ‘how to develop your potential and create a life you desire’ material I had been exposed to.

The overwhelming joy I felt inside of me while watching it and just after I had finished watching the clip relit the first and burning desire I had to break the alcoholic, depressed and torn family cycle, the desire I have held since I was a child.

Not only did I desire to break the negative traits of my father and grandfather, but I keenly desired to make my life and life situation one I loved, one of thrive rather than survive and then the knowhow to inspire others to want to do the same.

It was about 14 months ago that I watched that Brian Tracy video. Until then I did not know that self-development existed – at least not outside of formal education such as university or TAFE, nor was I aware of the POWER, freedom and peace that is found in self-knowledge and growth.

See TAFE and University are great for helping you to create a career, but they will not teach you how to CREATE A LIFE.

That you must learn yourself, through choosing to read personal development books, listen to material or seek a coach to help teach you how you can uncover and bring to the surface, your own values, desires and life purpose.

I have committed myself to growing through studying the material of many people who are masters in the field of human potential and personal achievement. Here is a list some of my activities and the intense personal-development which I am still rigorously and joyously journeying through, the things I have done to grow:

  • Invested thousands of dollars in training, and personal development material – (clearly notice how I used the word ‘INVESTED’ rather than ‘SPENT’ – because invested implies an opportunity for a ‘return/gain/improvement’, whereas SPENT implies a resource is ‘used up/consumed/depleted of energy’). I KNOW that every cent I put towards my growth will pay dividends in the proportions of 100’s or 1000’s of times the amount of my initial investment – this is the attitude ALL who are serious about personal achievement MUST adopt!
  • Invested hundreds of hours listening to self-mastery audio, nearly everywhere I drive I have personal development audio playing
  • I have read many e-books/articles and blogs on the subject of self-mastery and developing a winners mindset
  • Attended many seminars/events and self-development trainings
  • Been coached and mentored formally and informally by numerous highly successful people (and still am being coached and mentored)
  • Do daily reading of self-development books
  • Discovered my life purpose and created my own success blog…

(…and I still do all the above)

…And from all this, I have ONE tip which is the most powerful technique that I have learnt, and in my reality it is the MASTER technique to change everything in your life into what and how you want it to be.

I discovered the most powerful technique for achieving what you want but it requires not only KNOWING what it is but UNDERSTANDING and USING this GREAT power for change which is:

THE POWER OF your ULTIMATE DESIRE for your life combined with FOCUS and REPETITION

…the force of these three combined IS IMMEASURABLE


THE MORE YOU ARE EXPOSED TO AN IDEA (that you hold in your mind in the form of thought), the FASTER your results will reflect that idea, whether they are ones you desire or not.

Consider this quote, “We become what we think about”, Earl Nightingale.

Or perhaps this one: “We become what we think about most of the time”, Brian Tracy.

Or even: “A man (or woman) is what he thinks about all day long”, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Can you see a common theme here?

You can try with all your might to achieve something other than that which matches the thoughts that you repetitiously hold in your mind, but what determines your results are YOUR BELIEFS and the subconscious programs and conditioning in your mind – PERIOD!

If the subconscious conditioning does not match what you want, which is to say, the thoughts and beliefs in it are not in harmony with what you desire to achieve, you will NEVER achieve it.

Here’s the GREAT info for you. YOU CAN choose what you want to CONDITION YOUR MIND with and change the programs YOURSELF – in fact once you are and adult – YOU are the only one who can recondition your mind (that is if you want a different result in any area of your life than you are currently getting).

This is why REPETITION combined with FOCUSING on WHAT YOU DESIRE




In more detail, Brainstorm what you want for your life, spend some time doing this, write out all the possible things you want to do, be and have.

Which idea is the one that makes you get tingles in your body? That you love so much you could want to smile and cry just thinking about it? Choose that one to start and WRITE IT DOWN.

Focus upon what you have written – and how you can achieve it, focus upon it more often than the time you spend not focusing on it. You SPEND time when you are not focusing on something you want. You INVEST time when you are focusing upon something you want.

REPEAT the idea – rewrite it every day and reread it three times a day!

It is that simple. (of course I will help you if you want more guidance, you need only email me and ask at:

It is simple, yet very FEW understand that the only way to really have a quantum leap in your results it to change the programming in your subconscious mind, the part of your mind which controls ALL YOUR PERMINANT RESULTS and HABITS. The POWER contained within the Power of Repetition is akin to that of The Law of Attraction, which is a powerful universal law which is based on the law of vibration.

Repetition is what helped you learn EVERY SKILL you have. To walk, drive, READ THIS J type and everything else you now do without batting an eye, which as first you had to give your FULL attention to. UNTIL you, through repetition, put the ACT into your SUBCONSCIOUS mind; which is where it now holds the full power that your subconscious mind adds to that act.

Think about it, how many songs can you remember all the lyrics to when they start playing?


EVERYTHING you believe about yourself, society, ‘your perceived limitations’ (because that is all limitations are – individual perceptions), everything you know to be true, is based on you having been exposed to an idea and then that idea being repeatedly reinforced, by people you looked up to or still look up to, media, friends, family, society and more importantly BY YOURSELF.

Once you believe something, you will only see things that back up that belief.

A belief really is a form of learned blindness – anything contrary to something we believe often gives us a sense of threat (if what we believe is ‘wrong’ then we are wrong, no one wants to be wrong). Therefore we tend to only see things that match our beliefs and block out all other possibilities. Do you think that may be limiting?

We all back up ideas we believe to be true by gathering ‘evidence’ subconsciously.

This includes all ideas, about what sort of person you believe someone to be, to what you think you know about yourself or who you have decided to be (for example, when you say, I am a shy person, or I am an outgoing person, you are programming yourself to be that someone of that very nature and your mind sees evidence to BACK IT UP, and sees ONLY the evidence of what you believe to be true). This is why when you are not your ideal weight, or you have a detrimental habit you want to change into a positive habit, you may feel it is impossible.

Change your beliefs, change your life.

Remember the powerful formula REPETITION x WHAT YOU DESIRE x FOCUS = success.

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The ATTITUDE you CHOOSE each day AFFECTS everything in your life

The ATTITUDE you CHOOSE each day AFFECTS everything in your life I am going to share a teaching which I am putting together that I am basing off a single statement/quote made by a master in the field of self-development – the late Jim Rohn. This statement by Jim Rohn is -“Most people are just trying to get THROUGH the day.

Sophisticated people learn how to get FROM the day.” I have put the words “THROUGH” and “FROM” in capital letters as this is the main focus of the message I want to share. To someone who does not understand the teaching and IMPORTANCE contained within this small message – the statement may just sound like a cute or clever compilation of words. Jim Rohn

Pictured Above Jim Rohn

I have through long thought on this quote; put together a much-needed elaboration and explanation as to why it is so important to get “FROM” the day rather than “THROUGH” the day – well it is important only if you want to be successful and grow…if you are happy with mediocrity and conformity, then this message isn’t for you – naturally if you are here reading this – you are not interested in conforming, you are interested in growing, and for that I congratulate you!   Ok, time for the message…

If you choose to adopt the second attitude/mindset I am about to share with you – it will start to very rapidly move you into the minority group of the top 5-10% of the population (the people who are working towards their goals) much quicker than many other techniques will – it will move you into the awakened portion as many teachers call it. There are two main types of thinking in the world – as far as attitude is concerned:

1. The attitude of I want to get “THOUGH the day” – which is the attitude/mindset CHOSEN by the VAST majority – about 90-95% of the population.


  1. The attitude of I want to get “FROM the day” – which is the attitude/mindset which is CHOSEN by the MINORITY – around 5-10% of the population.

First let’s discuss the “THROUGH the day” attitude/mindset. Through the day, has a connotation of SURVIVING day to day and can really be summed up in this statement: “Today is boring, not good enough and I want to get away from today or at least, this part of the day – because some other time of day such as 5 O’clock (pm) or tomorrow/Friday/the weekend is better than this moment/day”. So what? Some may say.

What does it matter if I choose this attitude if it is just another ‘boring’ weekday of work, or getting the kids ready for school or in particular, ‘Monday’ for those who work Mon-Fri and dread Mondays? How is this significant?

Well…the message you are feeding your subconscious mind by allowing your conscious mind to think in this manner is “There is nothing good about today, there is no value contained within this day and I just want it to be over”.

As a result, you do not look for opportunities to grow in all areas of your life; your mind is closed to ALL other opportunities that exist within the so called “problems” of the day, as most people call them.

People who engage in thinking, who INVEST time in understanding themselves and their thought patters, know these so called “problems” are really called “challenges”. They also know that for every challenge accepted, they are rewarded in some way, even if the outcome isn’t quite what they wanted it to be.

When people get the outcome they want, the reward may be monetary, or recognition, a higher understanding of self or it could be in any of the other many forms of rewards that exist.

Even when the result isn’t exactly the one which was planned, (which negative people call “Failing” – realistic and positive people call it “getting feedback” because they know the only true failure is failing to take on a challenge; they are still rewarded – simply because they chose to accept the challenge – they chose NOT to hide from it) even then, they will still be given the opportunity to LEARN and GROW to enable a better, more desirable result next time.

Now let’s discuss the second, the “FROM the Day” attitude/mindset.

FROM the day, has a connotation of COLLECTING and GROWING through the accumulation of taking things of VALUE FROM the day – which you can take with you through your whole life – summed up in this statement:

Today, right now has many opportunities to grow, in body, mind, spirit, in skillset, character, in relationships, personal interests and hobbies – this moment is as great as any other moment. Today is great and I will use this day to see what I can learn, how I can GROW.”

Now which mindset do you think would serve you in your life more? Wanting to grow each day, to take FROM the day or to survive THROUGH the day?

How many Monday’s are you going to face with negativity, there are 52 of them in a year (so you may have a few weeks off, or a public holiday here or there so let’s say you go to work on just 45 Mondays a year); in ten years you will FACE 450 Monday’s. YOU CAN FACE OR EMBRACE THEM!!!

Are you going to just get THROUGH all these Monday’s and subsequently allow the negativity of your MONDAYITIS to seep through the rest of your working days of the week? Will you let a negative attitude towards the start of the week cast a dark cloud over the rest of your week, so by the time Friday comes you need to say “THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY”?

Or are you going to join the small percentage of the population and collect FROM the days of the week, the skills you need to do whatever you want with the rest of the Monday’s of your life? Are you going to grab the reins of your life each day and say MONDAY BRING IT ON!

I am not only ready for you, but I want to SEE WHAT I CAN DO WITH YOU!!   One skill gained or improved upon each day, quickly adds up over a week and a year.

The positive cumulative effects of demanding to seek and take with you value, lessons and skills from each day very quickly will change the direction of your life.

It will change your health, income, level of satisfaction with your career, relationships, spiritual, bodily and mental from things that cause you misery, to things that cause you joy.

I want to leave you with something Steve Chandler said in his “100 Ways to motivate yourself” audio: “Today is a microcosm of your entire life – your life in miniature. You hold eternity in the palm of your hand”. Make today – your masterpiece. You must be, one of either of the following: VICTIM or VICTOR! Choose to Win!

What will you do now?

Zig Ziglar has a quote, “Motivation isn’t permanent, but then again neither is bathing.” Simply put “Life is full of de-motivation if you are around negative people. Get your daily growth motivation from my blogs. Keep yourself motivated.


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How to be promoted

How to be promoted: it a common misconception that ‘amount of time traded’ = ‘money earned’. To be more correct, ‘value/service provided in time traded’ = ‘money earned’. You see, to assume that anyone is only worth so much an hour, is absurd.

Your value to the workforce may presently be worth a certain amount, based on the VALUE you are able to contribute and the time it takes you to do so.

Think a moment.

Do you believe top CEO’s and General Managers/Directors started their first position as such? I can assure you, that they did not.

They worked hard on themselves, thereby becoming deserving of such lucrative and challenging positions. Inevitably, when you work hard on yourself, your life situations will increase in quality, in all areas, including career and income.

We earn money, only for the SERVICE and VALUE we are capable of providing in the space of time in takes us to render our services. SO increase your value.

As Jim Rohn said, ‘Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work on your job you can make a living. If you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune’. And make a point to remember that not all fortunes are monetary.


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