The ATTITUDE you CHOOSE each day AFFECTS everything in your life

The ATTITUDE you CHOOSE each day AFFECTS everything in your life I am going to share a teaching which I am putting together that I am basing off a single statement/quote made by a master in the field of self-development – the late Jim Rohn. This statement by Jim Rohn is -“Most people are just trying to get THROUGH the day.

Sophisticated people learn how to get FROM the day.” I have put the words “THROUGH” and “FROM” in capital letters as this is the main focus of the message I want to share. To someone who does not understand the teaching and IMPORTANCE contained within this small message – the statement may just sound like a cute or clever compilation of words. Jim Rohn

Pictured Above Jim Rohn

I have through long thought on this quote; put together a much-needed elaboration and explanation as to why it is so important to get “FROM” the day rather than “THROUGH” the day – well it is important only if you want to be successful and grow…if you are happy with mediocrity and conformity, then this message isn’t for you – naturally if you are here reading this – you are not interested in conforming, you are interested in growing, and for that I congratulate you!   Ok, time for the message…

If you choose to adopt the second attitude/mindset I am about to share with you – it will start to very rapidly move you into the minority group of the top 5-10% of the population (the people who are working towards their goals) much quicker than many other techniques will – it will move you into the awakened portion as many teachers call it. There are two main types of thinking in the world – as far as attitude is concerned:

1. The attitude of I want to get “THOUGH the day” – which is the attitude/mindset CHOSEN by the VAST majority – about 90-95% of the population.


  1. The attitude of I want to get “FROM the day” – which is the attitude/mindset which is CHOSEN by the MINORITY – around 5-10% of the population.

First let’s discuss the “THROUGH the day” attitude/mindset. Through the day, has a connotation of SURVIVING day to day and can really be summed up in this statement: “Today is boring, not good enough and I want to get away from today or at least, this part of the day – because some other time of day such as 5 O’clock (pm) or tomorrow/Friday/the weekend is better than this moment/day”. So what? Some may say.

What does it matter if I choose this attitude if it is just another ‘boring’ weekday of work, or getting the kids ready for school or in particular, ‘Monday’ for those who work Mon-Fri and dread Mondays? How is this significant?

Well…the message you are feeding your subconscious mind by allowing your conscious mind to think in this manner is “There is nothing good about today, there is no value contained within this day and I just want it to be over”.

As a result, you do not look for opportunities to grow in all areas of your life; your mind is closed to ALL other opportunities that exist within the so called “problems” of the day, as most people call them.

People who engage in thinking, who INVEST time in understanding themselves and their thought patters, know these so called “problems” are really called “challenges”. They also know that for every challenge accepted, they are rewarded in some way, even if the outcome isn’t quite what they wanted it to be.

When people get the outcome they want, the reward may be monetary, or recognition, a higher understanding of self or it could be in any of the other many forms of rewards that exist.

Even when the result isn’t exactly the one which was planned, (which negative people call “Failing” – realistic and positive people call it “getting feedback” because they know the only true failure is failing to take on a challenge; they are still rewarded – simply because they chose to accept the challenge – they chose NOT to hide from it) even then, they will still be given the opportunity to LEARN and GROW to enable a better, more desirable result next time.

Now let’s discuss the second, the “FROM the Day” attitude/mindset.

FROM the day, has a connotation of COLLECTING and GROWING through the accumulation of taking things of VALUE FROM the day – which you can take with you through your whole life – summed up in this statement:

Today, right now has many opportunities to grow, in body, mind, spirit, in skillset, character, in relationships, personal interests and hobbies – this moment is as great as any other moment. Today is great and I will use this day to see what I can learn, how I can GROW.”

Now which mindset do you think would serve you in your life more? Wanting to grow each day, to take FROM the day or to survive THROUGH the day?

How many Monday’s are you going to face with negativity, there are 52 of them in a year (so you may have a few weeks off, or a public holiday here or there so let’s say you go to work on just 45 Mondays a year); in ten years you will FACE 450 Monday’s. YOU CAN FACE OR EMBRACE THEM!!!

Are you going to just get THROUGH all these Monday’s and subsequently allow the negativity of your MONDAYITIS to seep through the rest of your working days of the week? Will you let a negative attitude towards the start of the week cast a dark cloud over the rest of your week, so by the time Friday comes you need to say “THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY”?

Or are you going to join the small percentage of the population and collect FROM the days of the week, the skills you need to do whatever you want with the rest of the Monday’s of your life? Are you going to grab the reins of your life each day and say MONDAY BRING IT ON!

I am not only ready for you, but I want to SEE WHAT I CAN DO WITH YOU!!   One skill gained or improved upon each day, quickly adds up over a week and a year.

The positive cumulative effects of demanding to seek and take with you value, lessons and skills from each day very quickly will change the direction of your life.

It will change your health, income, level of satisfaction with your career, relationships, spiritual, bodily and mental from things that cause you misery, to things that cause you joy.

I want to leave you with something Steve Chandler said in his “100 Ways to motivate yourself” audio: “Today is a microcosm of your entire life – your life in miniature. You hold eternity in the palm of your hand”. Make today – your masterpiece. You must be, one of either of the following: VICTIM or VICTOR! Choose to Win!

What will you do now?

Zig Ziglar has a quote, “Motivation isn’t permanent, but then again neither is bathing.” Simply put “Life is full of de-motivation if you are around negative people. Get your daily growth motivation from my blogs. Keep yourself motivated.


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How to be promoted

How to be promoted: it a common misconception that ‘amount of time traded’ = ‘money earned’. To be more correct, ‘value/service provided in time traded’ = ‘money earned’. You see, to assume that anyone is only worth so much an hour, is absurd.

Your value to the workforce may presently be worth a certain amount, based on the VALUE you are able to contribute and the time it takes you to do so.

Think a moment.

Do you believe top CEO’s and General Managers/Directors started their first position as such? I can assure you, that they did not.

They worked hard on themselves, thereby becoming deserving of such lucrative and challenging positions. Inevitably, when you work hard on yourself, your life situations will increase in quality, in all areas, including career and income.

We earn money, only for the SERVICE and VALUE we are capable of providing in the space of time in takes us to render our services. SO increase your value.

As Jim Rohn said, ‘Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work on your job you can make a living. If you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune’. And make a point to remember that not all fortunes are monetary.


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Goals today, and not just tomorrow

Have you set your goals for today? Goals give you direction. Consider for a moment the following quote:

“If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Get You There.”

–The Cheshire Cat, Alice In Wonderland

I use to make the mistake of only setting weekly, monthly, yearly or longer time period goals.

The power of small goals through the day quickly adds purpose to any day & value, motivation and energy to the week.

Once you set up your goals properly and break them down to daily activities; achieving your daily goals will ensure you will achieve your weekly goals and in doing so, achieve your monthly & yearly goals and so on.

For me, this I found to be true. Daily goals = purpose.

Consider if there is truth in this for you.

I value thoughts and discussions with others. I will honour any comments to the best of my abilities.

Keys to wisdom do not reside in the mind of a single individual, but in the collective mind of all who truly desire wisdom above all else. Those who can heed the words of others, take their meaning and respectfully discuss their understandings will in the end reap the most fruits for their labor.


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BET you have NEVER read anything like this…..

I BET you have never read anything like this:
I believe, as many, MANY great leaders do, that the best way to improve your quality of life is through self-education (ok so that should have got rid of the people settling for the LEAST they can do and have in life).

Now, for those select few, serious about living, who realise that this is not ‘Take 1’ that life is here and now and that we all have 1 chance to live life on our terms; to who want to grasp the sails of your future, and direct this phenomenal ‘ship you have been given called life’ to where ever you so choose:

I truly hope you gain insight, motivation or something of worth to take away and APPLY to your life, from reading this post….)

If you feel as though you want to achieve more in your life, if you are unsatisfied with your current life situation, the various aspects of your life in the major areas of life: living environment, career, fun and recreation, Personal-Growth (As a quote I invented goes:

“Habitually choose to practice “Growth For Success”, because “Growth is Success”) of body, mind and spirit, relationships (Romance, friends, family and associates), health and finances, I suggest that for only 21 days, that you try something that you never have done; after all, those of you familiar with Einstein would know his quote about insanity, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

The reason I say 21 days is because that is how long it takes to learn and set the foundation for a new habit. All habits can be changed, you cannot eliminate a bad habit without REPLACING it with a new habit.

If you do not choose a habit which will add value to your life, you will automatically replace it with a destructive habit. All habits exist for a reason, they are there to meet a perceived need so do not just try to quit a habit with out replacing it, for you will be left with an emptiness, a void with you will need to fill.

No for 21 days, I suggest some empowering habits, try these techniques: listen to inspiring self-development audio by leaders in the field of human potential:

Some names for you: Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Steve Chandler, Eckhart Tolle or Google some other names.

The key is to listen to this material ALL the time you are traveling or are on public transport (you can use headphones if you are on public transport with an IPOD/mobile phone or other portable device).

Alternatively, or better still, additionally, read for 30 minutes a day, books or ebooks about self-development by the same above teachers.

“I don’t have time you say?” Really? Is that what you truly believe or is it an unconscious conditioned pattern in your head that you learned from hearing your parents, relatives, co-workers, friends and many other people and associates you know say those words over and over again: “I don’t have the time” or “I am too busy” (busy doing what?)….

Please stop and think about that for a moment.

I learnt that I could make myself sound VERY busy if I wanted to, but when there was something that was fun and easy to do, I could all of a sudden “find” all the time in the world for the fun and easy activity.

We all have the same amount of time in a day – 24 hours. Some people however, choose to give up their arguments for their limitations and DECIDE to develop themselves so they can achieve more in a day AND – we all can do this. The only real challenge you have in life if yourself.

If you want change you must act as though you do. These above two things can literally change your life. What it will do is reprogram your subconscious mind.

The more positive and empowering material you allow your mind to feast upon, the more your old conditioning and beliefs that you cannot achieve all you want will be replaced with unlimited beliefs, self-confidence and most importantly, the DESIRE to change, which is the first step to taking the necessary action you need to increase your skills.

This increases your ability to contribute a greater value of service to society and your employer and will therefore gain more fulfillment and purpose in your own life and a more lucrative income if you desire such.

Here is a quote you may have heard; ‘we are what we eat’ and in a sense that is true: our body grows or deteriorates based on the foods or the man made chemicals we call food that we decide to eat most often.

Try considering this one: ‘we are what we learn’, a quote from Robert Kiyosaki’s amazing book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. This is pure truth.

A quote I made which is similar is “We are destined to become that which we habitually do and MOST IMPORTANTLY, remember that THINKING IS a DOING.” Whether your thoughts and self-talk throughout the day are consciously chosen or you allow your mind to be a monster and take you over, by paying no attention to your most dominating thoughts, what you DO or choose NOT TO DO will determine the direction, the quantity and the quality of your life.

Ziglar said that “You are what you are, you are where you are, because of what has gone into your mind”. This quote teachers one thing; ensure you are learning something worth learning.

‘Work harder on yourself then you do on your job’. Most people won’t even consider investing half an hour a week, much less half an hour a day into their mind (I strongly suggest you invest a minimum of half an hour a day into your mind), yet it is the key to helping them REALISE and achieve all their dreams and goals in life.

Learn a new way. Take a new path. Forge your own path.


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Growth For Success

Five principles for success

–          Desire – a ‘Burning Desire’

Desire is fundamental to success, in anything. Many people just have a wishy washy idea of what they think they ‘might’ want. Two basic examples are:

  • I want more money
  • I want to lose weight

These are neither specific nor measurable, they are therefore, powerless.

Firstly, how much is more money? What do you want your weight to be?

Most people do not want more money, but rather they want what more money will bring them: more choices, a better lifestyle, travel opportunities or simply put; more Freedom.

Hill stated (in his book Think and Grow Rich) that in order to achieve your goal; first you must have a “Burning Desire”.

Desire begins with first knowing what you really, really want, and more importantly, why you want it. Without desire, conformity exists.

Once you know why you want something, this will increase your desire to set a goal, and once it becomes a ‘burning desire’ you will be much more likely to want to take the next step which is…

–          Decision – a ‘no other options’ choice

Many people do not understand this word, ‘decision’ and get it mixed up with the word should:

  • I should go to the gym
  • I should stop smoking
  • I should stop overeating

Most people think that they are making real decisions all the time such as these. WRONG they are not decisions at all.

A decision is one of the most powerful tools in our inventory. Google ‘Decisions by Tony Robbins’ to learn really how important this is. In my terms, once you make a decision, there is no other option but to fulfil that. This is the power of true decision.

When you decide that you want something enough and you have a big enough burning desire, the next step is to decide to achieve this by setting a specific goal.

Make the goal worthy of you. You are worthy of any goal, so set one that as Bob Proctor says, “scares and excites you at the same time’.


–          Direction – Network, expand your circle of influence

This is simple, and yet often undervalued or overlooked. A friend of mine attended a Luna Wilson seminar where he learnt that Network = Net worth. Think about it. How are you going to make a cent on your own?

How are you going to learn what you need, be inspired and mentored by only yourself? Expand your world. Network, find a mentor or mentors. Read the books, listen to the self-help audios and attend the training seminars.


–          Belief – Unwavering Confidence in yourself

You will not follow through on any decision truly unless you believe the goal you have set and more importantly, believe yourself worthy and capable of achieving it.

Repetition creates belief.

–          Action –  Involves ‘Doing’

This is the final principle; Action!! For this I suggest Googling the words ‘Action definition’. How many great ideas have you had, and lost.

A decision is not a decision until it is acted on. Action will create belief. Sitting still doing nothing will create and strengthen fear. Taking Action WILL destroy your fear.

Desire, Decision, Direction, Belief & Action.



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